Sacha Ivy “Unreal train” (EP. Self-produced, December 10, 2022). -MUZZART

Sasha IvyIt’s done Suzanne Guiton, a high school student, with a talent that her young age only pushes to its climax. Passionate about theatre, precocious in terms of creation, she was educated, in the family, in the works of Beatlesof Kate Bush or even Runaways. Deciding to enroll at the conservatory, to experience the current zik, she meets the indescribable Pierre Chaissac, aka Choum. Seasoned backpacker, doped with Neil Young and Sparklehorse (I summarize), author of exits it is important to tick, the sieur Chaissac was captured, listening to a recovery of Katy Perry, by the song of the young. Je plussoie, she has dog and in her tone, we would drown without resisting. This is followed by joint work, which brings us today to this unreal train where the alliance of the two beings, in addition to its obviousness, makes ours vibrate (I speak of being). Pierre plays with everything, he knows how to do it. Suzanne, with her pure body, caused a sensation. Six titles with an enchanting pop-folk patina, classics until they register in time, until crossing it, sanction the pooling. Here and now, lively and sober, touches hearts. Damn, that trickle of voices! You captivate, Sasha. In the person of Pierre, the infallible, you have the most faithful, the most reliable of sound companions. Your duo sounds right, without surprising – musically – anyone, it will delight everyone.

Moreover Love is a caketouching, oozes love and sees the guitars, without too many clashes, unleash themselves. Beauvalletthis handsome valet, evokes Liz Phair to, in his words, highlight the value of Sasha Ivy. Thank you JD, I had the same thought on my side, immediately. Exile in Suzannevilledare I, in six pearls heralding a bright future. The cove, as if it tended to confirm me in my words, would not have gone wrong on Liz’s opus. It blazes, blows a magic melody. Pierre sets it with his backing vocals, we’re getting there halfway through the ep and I can affirm it; Unreal train, in its nets, holds us captive. shadowy trickster, under two minutes, completes it by adorning itself with bewitching spirals. It is also, in certain corners, H-Burns that I think. For the refrains, for all-pop folk, all-folk pop, which characterizes the rendering. We don’t invent anything, we do everything more than well and at the end the temptation, that of pressing play again, plays with any recalcitrance. The cove, in continuity, relegates it without firing a shot.

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Photo Séverine Lenhard.

Grande dame before the hour Sacha, whose voice will one day leave us speechless, reveals herself. Finally This whisper, with beautiful strings, deposits his majesty. Lost in the traklist, infatuated with a song, addicted to its tones, I lay down my arms and Suzanne makes her debut. They promise, to say the least. This Thursday unreal train, played unreasonably, rocked me without ever getting bored. It’s only the beginning but I’ll swear, I’ll bet, I won’t give a damn that the young lady, supported by a Chaissac who obviously has more than one trick without his bag, will quickly confirm, armed with all the necessary assets so that, in the future, she is placed and considered on the same level as the renowned artists mentioned in my writing. It’s a crush, a bouquet of flowers, a sun in the middle of winter, that this EP shines as hard to believe. And yet…

1673751193 181 Sacha Ivy Unreal train EP Self produced December 10 2022 MUZZART

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Sacha Ivy “Unreal train” (EP. Self-produced, December 10, 2022). -MUZZART

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