Ruse or an excellent strategy?

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Who is Bizarrap?

  • ● He is a 24-year-old Argentine music producer.
  • ● His music sessions, which began in 2018, are a well-known format that frequently goes viral on social networks and the last one, #53, which he launched alongside Colombian singer Shakira, has been a great success.
  • ● Previous sessions by the Argentine producer have included artists such as Nathy Peluso, Resident or Quevedo.
  • ● in Youtube have 17.4 million of followers and on Spotify 35, 225, 899 monthly listening (until yesterday afternoon).
  • ● When announced on Instagram who would do the collaboration with Shakira, got 6 million likes on the post.
  • ● In the top 2, before the session with Shakira, was Paulo Londra and his 23rd session with 17.5 million, followed by Duki and his 50th session with 14.4 million, all the data in his first 24 hours.

On Shakira’s 53rd Session with Bizzarap:

  • ● As of yesterday afternoon, January 12, that is, almost 24 hours after uploading the video to YouTube, the video had 49,934,141 views, surpassing the record views that Shakira had with “Monotonía” (20 million).
  • ● Upon its release, the video was #1 trending on YouTube, both through worldwide as in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Spain, France, Mexico and others.
  • ● YouTube announced that it is the video with the most views in 24 hours, the record held by “Residente” (From Calle 13), with 23.2 million.

What brands have been involved?

“I’m worth two out of 22. You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo. You changed a Rolex for a Casio. You go fast, go slow,” says the lyrics of the song (we have the Tweets of the brands)

  • Ferrari vs. Twingo (Renault): Renault Spain responded on Twitter “For guys and chicks like you. Turn up the volume!”.
  • Rolex vs. Casio: Casio’s “Educational Division” account responded, “Today we get quite a few notifications for a mention of CASIO in a song. CASIO (watches and keyboards) and (calculators) are of and for life.”

How much do artists earn per plays?

  • ● The portal Digital Music News has made an updated estimate for 2022 of how much artists earn each time you listen to a song of theirs on each of the platforms that currently exist.
  • tidal is the most generous: $0.01284 per reproduction.
  • Manzana claims to pay $0.01.
  • Amazon would pay $0.00402.
  • Spotify: between 0.003 and 0.005 dollars per reproduction.

○ According to Spotify, the top 500 most successful artists earned $1.85 billion in 2020.

○ The artists that monetize the most are (Source: Music Business Worldwide)

■ Drake ― $52.5 million

■ J Balvin ― 37.8 million dollars

■ Post Malone ― $37.4 million

■ Bad Bunny ― $35.9 million

■ Ed Sheeran ― $35.9 million

  • Youtube: $0.00069 per playback

○ As of today, more than two million creators participate in YouTube’s partner program (content creators who monetize) worldwide.

○ In the last 3 years (as of June 2022) YouTube paid more than USD 50,000 million to creators, artists and media companies.

○ Additionally, in 2021, the number of YouTube channels (globally) that generated at least $10,000 in revenue increased more than 40% year after year”.

○ The Youtubers (there they count by channel) that monetize the most per year are:

■ Mr Beast: 54 million dollars

■ Jake Paul: 45 million dollars

■ Markiplier: $38 million

■ Rhet and Link: 30 million dollars

■ Unspeakable: $28.5 million

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Ruse or an excellent strategy?

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