Rugby / Federal 1 – C’Chartres Rugby at the start of the season, this Sunday, against RC Orléans

After two long months of preparation, the Chartrains are there. This Sunday, September 11, against a promoted Orleans player who will boldly play his luck, the CCR will have the status of favorite. What will he do with it?

premium C’Chartres Rugby well armed for the fight of the Federal 1

Renaud Gourdon is not overly worried: “We don’t know much about this Orleans team. We found that they had passed their play-offs at the end of last season and seen two or three videos, but nothing more. What we know is that we are ready,” announces the general coach of a CCR who revised his budget upwards during the summer (from 1.6 to 1.9 million euros). euros).
In his mind, the preparation was successful and, without being a guarantee of success, allows to apprehend the duel of the day (3:30 p.m.) in serenity.

For this gala match relocated to Outarville (Loiret), on the occasion of the Festival Jim’s LandChris Tafili’s partners will have only one goal: to ride the wave of friendly matches, negotiated crescendo, in terms of adversity and intensity*.

almost complete

“We talked a lot about the commando course. Only the spirit of cohesion that we find today within the group is the result of two months of preparation. A long-term job that we were able to anticipate, unlike last season. The esprit de corps, we instilled it through a multiplication of moments of conviviality, like the day after the match at Marcq, when we went to spend a day at the beach, in Deauville, at the end of August, ”says the former manager from Soyaux-Angoulême, convinced of the ability of his proteges to exist in a pool 1 reputed to be homogeneous (with favorites identified as Beauvais, Bourges or Saint-Denis).

But the state of mind is one thing, the reality on the ground is another for Brendon Snyman and others, who will approach the first day practically in full, only three-quarters Jordan Vaidie and Théo Louvet currently pointing to the infirmary …

Success away from home on two Federal 1 teams: Beauvais (7-29) and against Nuits-Saint-Georges (7-19) then a short defeat in front of Marcq-en-Barœul, National 2 team (27-26)
OUTARVILLE (Loiret), this Sunday, September 11 at 3:30 p.m.
Chartres Rugby: 1. Futeu, 2. Prudhon, 3. Halavatau, 4. Nkoy, 5. Delana, 6. Gallo, 7. Hamiaux, 8. Tafili, 9. Blanc, 10. Stafford, 11. Kitutu, 12. Harry, 13. Barbouche, 14. Camara, 15. N’Diaye. Replacements:
16. Cissé, 17. Poo, 18. Snyman, 19. Massyn, 20. Alberto, 21. Aboumejd-Le Berre, 22. Almela, 23. Boucherie. RC Orleans: 1. Ibaka, 2. Walsh, 3. Lebrun, 4. Luez, 5. Makolo, 6. Demestre, 7. Pinsard, 8. Pécille, 9. Junquet, 10. David, 11. Billard, 12. Lambert, 13. Marchais, 14. Parena, 15. Lemoine. Replacements:

16. Chirgadze, 17. Crovato, 18. Guillegault, 19. Clech, 20. Dhiuma-Elimo, 21. Prévost, 22. Pingot, 23. Bourhano.

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Rugby / Federal 1 – C’Chartres Rugby at the start of the season, this Sunday, against RC Orléans

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