RUDEBOY plays URBAN DANCE SQUAD feat. DJ DNA OCTOBER 2022 Madrid, Bilbao and Burgos – Rock The Best Music

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If there is a group that marked the 90s to the point of influencing the future of bands like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, it is the Dutch URBAN DANCE SQUAD with their explosive fusion. After the dissolution of the band in 2000 and a reunion in 2006, it has taken many years for RUDEBOY to surround himself with a new great band, with which to get back on the road. Also on this tour he is accompanied by Dj DNA, the original DJ on decks. In his show he will review songs from the 5 albums published by Urban dance Squad

Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch rap rock band formed after what was originally thought to be a one-off jam-session at a festival in Utrecht on December 20, 1986. The band consisted of a guitarist, bassist, drummer, rapper and DJ. Their music is described as a mix of genres including funk, soul, heavy metal, hip hop, reggae, jazz, and ska. Urban Dance Squad was one of the most successful Dutch bands of the 1990s, releasing five studio albums and touring extensively, notably in France, Germany and the United States.

Urban Dance Squad met for the first time in 1986, at a jam session at De Vrije Vloer, a club in Utrecht, a jam he created in the first Dutch rock band with a rapper (they borrowed the name Urban Dancefloor Guerillas from Parliament -Funkadelic); a song, “Struggle for Jive”; and the mixture of white and black music in Holland, at the same time that Fishbone, Living Color and the Red Hot Chili Peppers did the same in the United States. The band recorded their first album Mental Floss for the Globe in Brussels in 1989 (produced by Jean-Marie Aertsof CT Matic), and achieved instant success. It won an Edison Award, and the single “Deeper Shade of Soul” was a hit in Europe and the United States, where it charted at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two more singles were released from the album, and Urban Dance Squad toured the US in 1991, opening for Living Colour; The Pittsburgh Press described his music as “rehashed Zeppelin riffs and neo-Hendrix guitar solos complete with sound effects and old soul records to produce a dissonant, densely packed, extremely loud garage.”

Midway through the band’s career, to capitalize on the success of grunge and alternative rock, Urban Dance Squad released Person Non Grata in January 1994. All tracks feature heavy use of distortion and guitar. The singles “No Honestly” and “Candy Strip Experience” were released. , the latter single was released as a radio edit that removes most of the pre-song noise.
Artantica released in 1999, it was a return to the band’s hip-hop roots and received critical acclaim. Urban Dance Squad disbanded the following year, although they did perform together again in 2006.

Silver Surfing Rudeboy

After Urban Dance Squad disbanded in 2000, Rudeboy joined Junkie XL for 2 albums and toured extensively with them. Rudeboy made albums with The League Of XO Gentlemen (Smiling At The Claptrap Circuses, 2003) and Club Of High Eyebrows. (Older Now, 2007) and The Phantom Four & The Arguido (Sounds From the Obscure 2012)









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RUDEBOY plays URBAN DANCE SQUAD feat. DJ DNA OCTOBER 2022 Madrid, Bilbao and Burgos – Rock The Best Music

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