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Concert Program in Emblematic Spaces and Places / Clara Manzano

The Provincial Council has programmed 17 concerts for the new edition of this program that wants to bring performances by artists of national reference to the small municipalities of the province. Social Security, Andy and Lucas, Diana Navarro, Celtas Cortos, Burning and DVicio, among others, will perform.

On May 28, a new edition of the Concerts in Emblematic Spaces and Places program will start in Ciudad Real capital, through which the Provincial Council wants to bring culture closer to the least inhabited municipalities of the province. Rozalén will be in charge of starting, as she did six years ago with the first, the sixth edition of this cultural initiative with a concert in the Plaza de la Constitución.

As the president of the Provincial Council, José Manuel Caballero, highlighted, the main novelty of this sixth edition is the end of the limited capacity due to the pandemic for the 17 concerts that have been scheduled. All of them, with the exception of the inaugural one in Rozalén, will be held in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants. The objective is, as detailed by Caballero, to bring culture to all corners of the province regardless of the size of the population and its budget.

Jose Manuel Caballero / Clara Manzano

“Using a criterion of equality and balance, we want to guarantee the right of the towns to have access to a first-class concert, because it seems that culture is limited to places with more populations,” said Caballero, who stressed that “there are different realities and gave the Almagro Theater Festival as an example, where a quality culture is offered in a small municipality and which serves as a magnet for them to get to know us”.

In addition to facilitating access to culture under equal conditions, the president of the Provincial Council stressed that in this cultural initiative, in addition to seeing groups with national recognition, seek to give opportunities to groups in the province that are doing a good job and they are fighting to carve out a niche.

Caballero also mentioned the role of Concerts in Emblematic Spaces and Places as an economic catalyst, both in the cultural aspect and in the local economy, being for the Provincial Council an investment with an important return on a social level, covering a right of access to culture .

During his speech, Caballero highlighted that this program also responds to society’s desire for a need for leisure and enjoyment, after a few difficult years, people want to celebrate.

Finally, he explained that access to the concerts can be reserved from fifteen days before the performance on the web, for a donation that will go to social entities in the province. At the Rozalén concert, the collection of donations will go to the CREAN association.

Jose Manuel Caballero / Clara Manzano


May 28. Real city. Constitution Plaza. Rozalén – The Víboras

3 of June. Well of Calatrava. Bullring- Alvaro de Luna – Moby Dick

June 4. Sands of San Juan. Football field. Shrubs. Montse Sanchez

June 10th. The Wells of Calatrava. Football field. La Húngara – Slowly and to the beat

11th of June. Calatrava Granatula. Hermitage Oreto-Zuqueca. Juan Salazar ‘El Chunguito’ – Rondalla Oretana.

11th of June. The Robledo. Municipal auditorium. Beware – Crashed.

June 17. Montiel. Football field. Social Security – Damn Matas

June 18. Santa Cruz de los Hemps. Hermitage of the Saints. Andy and Lucas – Better kallaos.

June 25th. Corral of Calatrava. Municipal park. Diana Navarro – Quintin Zamora.

1st of July. Fernan Caballero. Football field. Short Celts. Les Bastians.

July 2nd. Villamanrique. Spain Square. Demarco Flamenco – Fret four.

July 8. Fork of the Mountains. The park. The Guard – Lots of Pop

July 9th. Solana del Pino. Sierra Morena Square. Burning – Annie Dukeke.

July 15. Albaladejo. School track. Tightrope walker – Wahira.

July 16th. Widths. Singer-songwriters Square. Luis Pastor – November.

July 22. Calatrava road. Municipal Warehouse. Nil Miller. Jose C. Garcia.

July 23th. Piedrabuena. Audience. DVicio – The Buyakers.

On behalf of the mayors, the first mayor of El Robledo, Elena Tamurejo, spoke, who thanked the Provincial Council for its commitment to bringing culture to all parts of the province with major concerts and promoting tourism in these territories.

Elena Tamurejo / Clara Manzano

On behalf of the beneficiary entities of the donations of the concerts, the regional coordinator in Castilla-La Mancha of CEPAIM, Adolfo Patón, spoke, who highlighted the work of the Provincial Council, “which is similar to what we carry out as entities: work by long and complex processes, in which, if it goes hand in hand with the institutions, more improvements are achieved for people and for our peoples.

“The Diputación is the motor in accompanying organizations and companies”, Patón said before suggesting that a management and communication channel be set up that allows us to strengthen ourselves locally to attend to those who need help. And he has concluded by saying that it is necessary to capitalize on our own talent as well as that which arrives to strengthen our municipalities.

The presentation act of the concerts was opened with a performance by the local group The Víboras, who will act as opening act for Rozalén. Later, the Vice President of Culture of the Diputación, David Triguero, listed the concerts that will be held on Friday and Saturday until July 23.

Adolfo Paton / Clara Manzano

Performance by The Viboras / Clara Manzano

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Rozalén will open in Ciudad Real on May 28 the VI Concerts in Emblematic Spaces and Places – Lanza Digital

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