Rosalía’s harsh confession about her past: “hide this”

If she is loved for something Rosalia, in addition to his talent, it is because of the relationship he maintains with the public. The Catalan’s career has skyrocketed since the release of her album “Motomami & rdquor; last March. What was her second album published on Spotify had 16 songs, but in September she decided to release an expanded version in which she had unpublished collaborations and even the super hit on networks “Desspechá & rdquor ;.

A few days ago, the artist posted a message on her Twitter account in which she asked her followers to send questions so she could answer them: “Hello. Today I am happy and enjoying myself, so if you want to ask me something, I may answer you & rdquor ;. With a very close language, the motomami answered the doubts of her followers: favorite song of the moment, favorite character of Aqui No Hay Quien Viva, collaborations in mind, and a long etcetera, since the artist did not skimp on answers. One of the users who was lucky enough for Rosalía to read him asked a question regarding some photos that she had taken of him during a show: “Do you like these little photos that I took of you when you first came to Mexico? & Rdquor ; . “The photo if the outfit no. Hide this because I still don’t know how I came out dressed like that, fashion police take me now&rdquor ;, replied the Catalan.

La Rosalía even commented on her future plans in terms of work when one of her followers asked her if she would like to try acting: “You are my favorite artist, and I know how much it has cost you to be at the top, my question is if you we will see making movies and winning an Oscar. I know you’re worth it & rdquor ;. Rosalía replied: “For the time being I will keep making albums “unless Sofia Coppola or Tarantino call in that case I withdraw what I said-“.

Rosalía responds to the last accident on stage

Those attending the Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater in San Diego -United States- were able to participate in the “Motomami World Tour” of Rosalía last Sunday. However, a small accident on stage caused the artist to publish a warning message for those who attended her concerts: “Please do not throw things on stage and if you are such a motomamis that you throw them anyway, then throw them on the opposite side of the stage. that I am Thank you & rdquor ;. And it is that, during the performance, a fan threw a bouquet that she gave her in her face, to which she reacted with surprise.

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Rosalía’s harsh confession about her past: “hide this”

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