Rosalia: why her nationality creates controversy on the web (photo)

July 30, 2019 at 10:50 am by AL

Rosalía is the new phenomenon of Latin music. In the space of a few months, she imposed herself all over the world with her title With Altura in duet with J Balvin and El Guincho, so much so that the clip now has more than 464 million views on YouTube. The American Magazine TIME even considers it to be one of the ten best songs of 2019. And one thing is certain, the young 25-year-old Spanish singer does not want to stop there. As she had just unveiled, last month, the title Other Culture, the Catalan made yet another big surprise to her fans, on Wednesday July 3, by releasing not one, but two singles at the same time! In its clip published on the internet, the video called Fucking Money Manhis community was able to discover two songs: Millionaria (the first song she wrote in Catalan) and Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero. Two titles that have allowed Rosalia to explode the counters and once again seduce his fans.

His nationality is controversial

But today, it is because of a magazine cover that Rosalia creates controversy, despite herself. Indeed, the 25-year-old singer recently made the cover of the magazine Vogue Mexico with the title: “Rosalía and the 20 Latin artists who make the world dance”.

Unfortunately, if this sentence seems innocuous at first glance, it did not take long for the artist’s fans to step up to the plate. The latter thus reproached the journalists for concealing the Spanish nationality of Rosalia by qualifying her as being a “Latino” (i.e. a person from Latin America, editor’s note). “Rosalia is on the cover of Vogue Mexico as a ‘Latin artist’. Am I missing something?”writes an Internet user, while many other people wanted to recall that the term “Latino” was reserved for individuals from Latin America, and that it was therefore necessary to use the word “Hispanic” to designate the population coming from Spain.

In effect, Rosalia is absolutely not Latino. NOTBorn in Catalonia, Spain, the artist has Spanish nationality although she has collaborated many times with Latin artists like J Balvin, and she sings in Spanish, the number 1 language spoken in Latin America.

The singer had already mentioned this difference during an interview with the site The Fader, in May 2019: “si latin music is music made in spanish, my music is part of latin music. But I know if I say I’m a Latino artist, that’s not correct”. Rosalia had also explained how the term “Latino” remains very vague in the media, and used twists and through. Anyway, if the artist declares that she is not Latino, then the press may very well do the same in the future!

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Rosalia: why her nationality creates controversy on the web (photo)

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