Rosalía wants to make the most extreme boots fashionable

We know that Rosalía is a lover of extremes and this is also demonstrated in her outfits with which she imposes fashion on a daily basis.. She is not satisfied that the whole world dances ‘Despecha’, but they must also dress like her, because she never stops setting avant-garde trends in fashion. And the motomami did it again. She went to celebrate her birthday in New York with an outfit that could not go unnoticed by anyone. Especially for the most extreme western slouchy boots.

After singing at the Global Citizen Festival, Rosalía celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, friends and family at a private event in New York. The Catalan opted for a total look from the Y/Project Spring-Summer 2023 collection. For this she resorted to a modern white and blue slipdress in a set of maxi volumes. But what stood out the most were her thigh-high cowboy boots. A decidedly avant-garde look that only confirms Rosalía’s status as a style icon, whose style has a direct impact not only in the world of fashion, but also in the music industry.


This type of boots that borrows its name from slouchy or wide jeans gives a twist to the over the knee boots that reign on the catwalks to version them with this wrinkled effect and in size XXL. Rosalía wore the wide-heeled model, pointed toe and mixing different shades of denim, combined with a short dress in a tone that blends in, so as not to detract from the limelight, with the boots even covering her thighs. The most extreme boots of the interpreter of ‘Bizcochito’ have become one of the most sought-after pieces on the Web and interest in them has not stopped growing in recent weeks.

The ‘Motomami’ is not the first to dare with this look. Before we saw Rihanna wear a very tall and very wide denim boots, with pleats of the classic musketeer boots. We’ve also seen Julia Fox swap out Balenciaga pantaloons for XXL-style boots as high as her thighs. Although without a doubt the Kardashians, friends of Rosalía, are the queens of the boots. They’ve perfected the style for wearing boots for all occasions, including the gym.
Rosalía has just turned 30, enjoying unbeatable success. His album ‘Motomami’ does not stop playing in all corners of the planet and adds 9 Latin Grammy nominations that recognize the quality of his latest work. With this record, the singer is not afraid of the most risky combinations. She has worn complicated ‘looks’, although with these slouchy boots in denim fabric, she has overcome them all. Just as she has exceeded all the expectations of her fans with her tour ‘Motomami World Tour’, where her public has also surprised her. During her concert in Toronto, a follower of hers broke the security protocol to give the singer an engagement ring. With a face of astonishment, the artist did not know what to answer and she finally dedicated the following song to her “her fiancee”.

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Rosalía wants to make the most extreme boots fashionable

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