Rosalía turns 30: five facts you didn’t know about the ‘Motomami’ phenomenon

This Sunday, September 25, Rosalia celebrates its 30 years of age from the height of success. The Catalan artist has revolutionized the music industry and has made each of her songs become hits.

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Since Julio Iglesiaswhich has sold more than 300 million records, achieved 2,600 gold and platinum records, sung in 14 languages ​​and performed in front of 60 million people, it was unthinkable that these figures could be matched, until the Rosalía phenomenon appeared.

This same week, the singer has triumphed in New York filling the emblematic Radio City Music Hall for two consecutive days. And she has received an early birthday present with the nine nominations at the Latin Grammys, an unprecedented event since no woman had ever achieved so many nominations in the same edition.

Everyone who knows her agrees that the pillar of her success, in addition to plenty of talent and a lot of effort, lies in the fact that she has very clear ideas. In January 2019, Rosalía created a company, Motomami SL, and in honor of which his latest album bears the same name. The company has as sole administrator Pilar Tobellamother of the artist. Forbes It proves that this company, in its first year, invoiced more than 5 million euros and had net profits of almost 400,000.

As for her sentimental life, it is well known that Rosalía maintains a stable relationship with the singer. Raww Alexander. In fact, this year they bought their first property together. It is a modernist mansion located in Manresa and is listed as an Asset of Local Cultural Interest. It has eight suites, an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and extensive gardens, among other benefits. The price? Two millions of euros.

Here are five facts about the artist that you may not have known and that are key to understanding the Motomami phenomenon.

1. He started singing when he was 7 years old. “My father encouraged me to sing during a family meal. When I opened my eyes, they were all crying. I didn’t understand what had happened, but I knew I could do something with music,” she said in an interview with The country.

two. Her musical sensitivity comes from her maternal grandmother, to whom she also owes her name: “I didn’t feel comfortable with my name. I thought: ‘Why shouldn’t I have a normal one, like any other girl’s?’ But then I started to realize that I was special, strong. Now I wouldn’t change it,” he acknowledges.

3. His biggest obsession was to become an artist. For this reason, since she was 16 years old, “she sang in tablaos, at weddings. Sometimes they paid me 80 euros, sometimes they invited me to dinner,” she said during an interview in the Dominican Republic.

Four. In addition to succeeding in music, he has also been Almodovar girlsince he had a small ‘cameo’ in the film by the director from La Mancha pain and glory (2019). “I’ve always felt so connected to his movies that I was like, ‘Hopefully one day it would make sense for him to use one of my songs in one, hopefully, hopefully,'” he said. shanghai.

5. Rosalía has people skills. Not only has she conquered her legion of fans, she has also done so with numerous celebrities. Which has led him to collaborate with other big names in the industry such as Billie Eilish, Romeo Santos, Ozuna, J Balvin, bad bunny, The Weeknd either Travis Scott.


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Rosalía turns 30: five facts you didn’t know about the ‘Motomami’ phenomenon

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