Rosalía León celebrates La Güera Rodríguez

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday October 08, 2022, p. 8a

On September 10 on the stage of the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá in the city of Oaxaca, Rosalía León premiered La Guera Rodrigueza song of her authorship and performed by her: “Close fist and high / crushing the patriarchy” is one of the lines heard in the Oaxacan venue that night.

About the origin of this lyrical musical tribute to the woman who broke canons in New Spain, the composer says: “the song arose from a commission from the festival of singer-songwriters called Heroínas, where they want to make visible the woman who had to do with the Independence; for this reason I compose a biographical song about The war Rodríguez –María Ignacia– and I managed to record it with the viotarist guitarist Julio Revueltas, who is the only Mexican viotarist –he plays an electric guitar as if it were a violin– and also with the pianist Vladimir Suárez Arredondo.

“We premiered this song in the most important theater in Oaxaca, the Macedonio Alcalá, I wrote it during the pandemic and did the research from home. I learned that she is a woman that history has tried to undervalue her work and there is little information about her; for the same reason, I am proud to make the first song for that heroine where I play the most critical themes of her life and, above all, I honor a part: she was the first woman who legally obtained a divorce and for that reason obtained the economic assets to those who had the right; she later supported the Triguarante Army. She knew herself to be very beautiful and she knew how to use her talents to become a spy and bring information necessary for the guerrillas. It is a challenge that in three minutes you can tell a story, but it is a story that is growing, just like the music, which is a very modern huapango, but it is still traditional. And the intensity of the lyrics reaches the piano, my guitar and the viotarra. It is an inspiration for me to sing woman to woman. This is what my song is about.”

The aforementioned musical piece will be part of the repertoire in the series of concerts scheduled by Rosalía León, who gives details about it: “I will be singing this song on the Rockeando el folclor tour in the context of the México Raíz Music Festival; on Friday October 21 we will be in Querétaro; Sunday 30 at the Ramón Noble Auditorium in Pachuca, Hidalgo; on November 5 at the Teatro Juárez in El Oro, state of Mexico, and on November 12 at the Zócalo in Mexico City. I have a band but there are times when I sing alone with my guitar to have privacy. It will be a repertoire of approximately 10 songs, we will play guitar player, which has not been recorded but people ask for it; Also topics like The huapango of Moncayo, The sound of the black, My city, which are classics of Mexican music. And I’m so proud that La Guera Rodriguez It is a song that remains in my repertoire for many reasons and because at this moment I, as a woman, have only her guitar as a weapon to speak and continue summoning the new generations and discover our forgotten heroines”, concludes Rosalía León.

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Rosalía León celebrates La Güera Rodríguez

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