Rosalía declares herself a fan of Taylor Swift

Despite the international fame it has achieved in recent years, Rosalía has confessed in different interviews that she is in charge of running her social networkscontrolling what is published and how it is done at all times.

In addition, we are used to answering questions from fans from time to time through his Twitter account, revealing information hitherto unknown to those who follow the Motomami outside her most personal circles.

On the night of May 15, Rosalía addressed her followers directly to publish “Tell me something you want to know that you haven’t asked me yet“, causing in a matter of hours more than 8000 responses from her fans wanting to know more about the singer.

Among the questions answered by Rosalía, one of the responses seems to stand out above the rest, currently racking up over 13,000 likes and 3,000 retweets. And it is that a curious follower asked “Do you like Taylor Swift?”, triggering the following response from the Catalan: “ROMEOOOO TAKE ME SOMWEHRE WE CAN BE ALONEEEEEEE“, one of the most iconic choruses of what is probably Taylor Swift’s best-known song internationally and the one that gave her fame beyond the United States when she promoted what would be her second album, love story.

Although the question and answer may seem simple and without any importance, it can grow in importance if we briefly analyze Taylor Swift’s relationship with one of the families with which Rosalía is most related: the kardashian jenner; as well as one of his favorite singers and his main inspiration in his career, kanye-west.

The MTV Video Music Awards of the year 2009, where Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift’s speech as the winner of the award for best video clip for You Belong With Me to claim that the award deserved it more Beyoncemark a before and after in the relationship between these two artists.

Kanye West, widely criticized for his actions, and Taylor Swift stay more or less away from the controversy (with a few exceptions) until 2016, when the singer releases the song Famous, where in one of his verses he refers to the 2009 incident to say: “I think Taylor and I could fuck, why? Because I made that bitch famous.”

Weeks later Taylor Swift had the opportunity to answer him publicly during the celebration of the Grammy awards, where she makes history by becoming the first woman to be awarded two Best Album of the Year awards. During her speech, she criticized Kanye West and addressed young women to say that despite the fact that there are people who try to “undermine” her success and “take credit” for her fame, “if you focus on work and don’t let those people sidetrack you, one day you will get where you want to go, look around and know that it was you and the people you love that put you there“.

Since then, kim kardashian enters the scene and leaks the recording of a conversation between her husband and the one from Tennessee, where Taylor seems to agree to the publication of the song, of which he never gets to know the lyrics. Nevertheless, It is the starting point for his reputation to fall and he has to move away from the media spotlight for more than a yeardisappearing completely while being betrayed by her friends, among Kendall Jennerand received daily harassment from thousands of people on social networks.

With this trajectory, it would be expected that Rosalia would avoid questions that related her to Taylor Swift despite the fact that the conflict with the Kardashians seems to have been overcome. But shows admiration for an artist like Swift beyond personal friendshipswithout taking into account past conflicts and putting the focus on what really matters: music.

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Rosalía declares herself a fan of Taylor Swift

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