Rosalía and Omega: the reason why the singer did not finally collaborate in Despecha

This 2022 of technical recession, inflation and watermelons at the price of Valyrian steel was missing a great song to refresh our spirits a bit. We were lacking a good shake at the festivals that have festooned the nights of July and August. Rosalía had to come, thank God, to party with her most recent song. ‘despecha’, like a good end to the Motomami Tour, has fueled us for the final stretch of the year. We arrive full of music and perreo to the hunger games that begin in September.

The mother motomami has known how to set the nets on fire since the release of ‘Motomami’, an album that can boast of being both a viral meme and a masterpiece. Since there isn’t a week that we don’t have breakfast with a good salseo about urban music, it seems that ‘Despecha’ has also had its bit of controversy. Don’t let your records stop.

This time, we are not talking about a brawl, like the one that Residente and J Balvin had last year, but about news that has greatly surprised the singer’s fans. The theme where Rosalía cooks it and eats it by herself was originally going to be a collaboration with Omegaa living legend of Puerto Rican urban merengue.

The controversy between Rosalía and Omega

A few weeks ago, it was the singer who revealed how they got him out without many explanations one of the great songs of 2022. It happened overnight. The Dominican had already driven his fans crazy by posting on social networks the lyrics that he was going to share with the singer, thus giving a clue as to how the song project that Rosalía and he would have really sounded until she or those responsible for marketing had other plans. The truth is it would have been great news for him to collaborate with the singersince his illness has kept him away from concerts and stages in recent times.

In a recent interview for Alofoko Music, El Fuerte recounted how the initial meetings with Rosalía were to start preparing the song. The first thing the singer did was pass him a material that she had recorded so that the Dominican legend would give him her impressions. After hearing what the singer had shown him, Omega unblinkingly accepted her proposal.

Why didn’t you collaborate with Rosalía?

Everything indicated that the song would be a viral four-handed hit and that there would be no excessive impediments to carrying it out. But wanting is not power, as anyone who knows the proverb well knows. When asked on the show about his abrupt departure from the project, Omega opened up.

“We really have a beautiful friendship, Rosalía and I. I respect her. is a star for meit will always be, it will always have my admiration”.

Next, the Dominican told how the meeting between the two was and the moment in which the Catalan explained the reasons why you had decided not to participate in your topic most recent, already one of the most listened to hits of 2022.

“Look, he came up to me. We already had a year and a bit planning that pod. […] You already know that I have health problems, and even so I went to the studio, I recorded, I edited the voices, I recorded everything. She was happy. Two days before the song came out, she called me and they told me that the company didn’t agree with her doing a feat. Like what they wanted me to launch it alone”.

Next, he revealed that, for his part, there were no bad rolls or thorns stuck with Rosalía. He again showed her admiration for her and honored their long friendship. “I, a thousand loves, really,” he pointed out. “Things have to be done without forcing them”. Days later, Omega himself published on his Instagram account the end of his reconciliation with the singer with a video of a concert in which ‘Despecha’ had been played. He was very proud of what he had achieved with her new hit.

“Our culture and our music continues to permeate internationally, thanks to this star: Rosalía. Great pride: because of our genre, call it street merengue, urban merengue, street merengue, mambo or whatever you want. Wherever this music is, we Dominicans are and I feel that this server is there.”

With the release of the song, Rosalía took the opportunity to send a wink of affection to Omega and his influence on the subject. “I am grateful for having been able to travel in recent years and have learned from music from other places, including the DR (Dominican Republic), where artists such as Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra or Omega have inspired me and that without them this song would not would exist”

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Rosalía and Omega: the reason why the singer did not finally collaborate in Despecha

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