Roger Taylor (Queen), on “the big lie” of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’: “The film has to work”

In a new interview with Classic Rock (via UCR), the battery of Queen, Roger Taylorhas defended himself against criticism of the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’which alters the order of some of the events that occurred in the English band’s career, distancing itself from what actually happened.

In the film, more specifically, Freddie Mercury tells his bandmates he has AIDS during rehearsals for his Live Aid appearance. In the reality, the singer was not diagnosed until long after the concert. The change obviously enhances the dramatic effect of the film.

“It does not make fiction the true story, only in detail”Now says the Queen drummer. “The order of events was changed, but when you’re making a movie, which is going to be about 100 minutes long, you have to make it work. The film has to work, that’s the top priority. Even the documentaries do not adhere to the precise order of events, everything is squeezed, changed, altered, to be effective. It’s a fucking movie! No one said it was a documentary.”

Previously, Taylor also criticized Sasha Baron Cohenthe first chosen to play Freddie in the film.

“Everything that came out of the tape was positive. it was fantastic“, said. However, when asked about Baron Cohen in the role that Rami Malek finally ended up occupying, the drummer was not so happy.

“I think it would have been a real shit”Taylor said. “Sacha is arrogant to say the least. In addition, it measures 15 centimeters more. Anyway, I’ve seen the last five movies of his and the bottom line is that he’s not a very good actor…. Although he’s a brilliant subversive comedian, that’s what he’s good at. In any case, I think Rami did a great job in this almost impossible role.”

“In the end we hit the key”Taylor added about the film. “We wanted to take people on a journey, make them feel up and then down and finally happy at the end.”

When the film project was made public in 2010, it was revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen was chosen to play the role of Queen’s frontman, but the actor finally ended up leaving the shoot in the summer of 2013. Later, Baron Cohen stated that Brian May and Roger Taylor disagreed on their idea of ​​presenting a portrait of Mercury “with its black dots” and what they wantedpreserve their legacy as a band.” On the other hand, Roger Taylor stated that Sacha did not “had taken seriously enough” to Freddy.

Finally, after numerous changes of script and actors, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was released in 2018, generating tremendous commercial success and winning four Oscars.

what really happened

Last November, Brian May explained how the band experienced Freddie’s illness and how he communicated it to his colleagues.

“I remember us looking at articles in the newspaper when we were in the study, talking about this strange disease that had been found in San Francisco and that seemed incurable, in addition to being suffered by homosexual people.”

“And it seemed to be very far away”May said. “I remember we had a brief discussion about it and we thought it was something to be careful about. But we didn’t think too much about it either, Freddie certainly didn’t talk too much about it.”

“But actually, it was in the back of my head, and possibly theirs too, for a long time.”, he explained. “And if we jump forward in time, probably two and a half years, we start to see Freddie suffering from something that we didn’t know what it was.”

“We started to wonder what it was, but we didn’t talk about it for a long time because it didn’t seem appropriate.And it was much later that Freddie came clean and said, ‘Look, you know what I’m dealing with, I’m sure. This is what I want to do.’”

“And I avoided it for a long time, surely we all thought that it was something that was not going to affect us, that it was going to happen to other people. And it turns out that Freddie caught me early.”

“If I had caught him a few months later, he would have survived because he evolved a wonderful cocktail of medicines that helped with the symptoms and allowed people with AIDS to live normal lives.”

“Freddie didn’t have that advantage. He was able to enjoy the best specialists from all over the UK and the world, but, at the time, they did not have enough knowledge to save him. Because of that, we will always be sad about the way things turned out.”

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Roger Taylor (Queen), on “the big lie” of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’: “The film has to work”

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