Roch Voisine introduced these singers to his boys

Roch Voisine takes pleasure in perfecting the musical culture of his two sons. Do Kilian, 17, and Alix-Élouan, 16, appreciate their dad’s repertoire? Roch bursts out laughing when asked the question, but is quick to point out that his offspring has, musically speaking, a very open mind.

My big boys have musical tastes of their age, of course, but quite varied tastes. I introduced Billy Joel to my oldest, songs I used to listen to when I was his age. When it’s good, it passes the generations. They like it so much. You just have to bring back this music that they don’t know and they say: “Wow!”. My generation started to follow Queen because it was well brought, and my oldest also embarked on it. »

Roch is also the father of the cute Lily-Dorina, aged two, who still has her whole life ahead of her to tame all styles of music!

Roch Voisine must play variety himself to continue to win back his audience year after year. This one is always there in its rooms, but with a little more than 35 years of profession, the 59-year-old singer considers that to attract the spectators in his wake constitutes “ a big challenge “.

You have to be imaginative and reinvent yourself », he acknowledges. ” I couldn’t get on stage rapping! But I’ve been trying, for a very long time, consciously, to change enough to make people want to come and see. Some people often come back to see me in concert and testify to this; they say it’s not the same anymore. »

I have a very loyal following », Rock continues. ” And, when we are lucky, we will seek the undecided. If, by some miracle, new plays turn up on the radio, the demography changes in the room, and we see it. It’s not just my die-hard fans who fill the halls anymore. It’s moving, and it’s been like this for 30 years: people come, then come less, and then come back… It’s a challenge to always come up with projects that will lead people to say to themselves that it’s worth coming back, that it won’t be like the last time. »

One thing is certain, Roch Voisine is still popular enough to be teased in parody. Recently, it was Marc Labrèche who kindly pulled his pipe in a sketch by This year.

In the next few months, it will be the continuation of his tour Americana Light that Roch Voisine will offer as candy to his admirers (and admirers), a revisit of material from the three albums Americana which he launched between 2008 and 2010, and on which he engraved in his own way sure values ​​country, rock and folk from the American catalog. Several Quebec performances are on its schedule in early 2023, before a trip to Europe in April.

Just before, Roch Voisine will participate in the Christmas concert Parapapam, at the Maison symphonique, from December 26 to 31. He us told here how he intends to combine work on stage and family celebrations for the occasion.

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Roch Voisine introduced these singers to his boys

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