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Resurrection Fest 2022 began its second official day last Friday, July 1 of this 15 + 2 edition. The Swedish Sabaton led the day with permission from Chicago Rise Against. Second official day that we attack after our tourist gastronomic ritual through A Mariña, which in the afternoon leads to the four-stage venue in Viveiro, to live our passion.

with the Asturians Skontra starting his bolus we enter the venue, you cannot be in O Vicedo and ringing… from 2:30 pm you can hear firewood in the venue. To the rhythm of their festive and vindictive folk punk they enthralled us with the bagpipes, they have caste, in fact they have been going for more than two decades and are still standing. We have to say one more year than the workers of the Resurrection Fest They are a heritage that the festival should never lose, always with a magnificent attitude in any of their stalls. The Asturians were the perfect start, it is always gratifying to give a field to local and state bands, in that Resu fulfills perfectly.

We stopped at the Ritual to see the locals Thirteen Bled Promises and its peculiar death metal with unusual touches and embellishments. We were approaching the halfway point of the festival satisfied to have set foot in this venue with so much history already.


Many people were already congregating on the Main Stage to see the Ukrainians jinjer, the band repeats and its vocalist Tatiana with her different vocal registers and harangues is a perfect frontwoman, the first “Fuck Putin” were heard as expected, her country is immersed in another miserable war that the world generates in a loop, the The band’s logo was infused with the colors of the flag. They started with «Call Me a Symbol» followed by «Over the Top» difficult to pigeonhole this band that bases the songs on vocal duality beaten with groove. They have planted and harvested a good legion of fans with their metal throughout the continent. There was no lack of already consecrated themes such as «Judgement (& Punishment)» or «Teacher, Teacher!», where the respectable one was altered. They based their hour-long set list on their latest album “Wallflowers” from 2021, ending with the track “Colossus” and a hearty goodbye.


what of ill Little boy in the Ritual it was one of the gigs of the festival on this stage, in full sun and with the venue already full, they took the layman to the staff. Based on whiplash like “God save Us” or “I Am Loco” we are pleased to see again the band from New Jersey that entered by surprise due to other casualties at the festival. With its nu metal and that peculiar duality of English and Spanish phrases. We were able to see Marc Rizzo return to the band on site with his backpack attached to his back after passing through Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy or Misfits among others. Pleasant surprise to see them in shape, they did not stop at all the bolus in full sun.


We had to split up because I had an appointment in the homily that they executed perfectly The Holocaust Altar in the Desert. In zero point, the Salamancans create an atmosphere that surrounds you until they leave the stage, apart from the visual shock of their costumes, a great sound typical of a cathedral, we had an hour of enjoyment between biblical introductions and dense passages with really capital transitions that made me enjoy the beauty. Ten years this band has been struggling all over the continent and they have achieved faithful everywhere among us who include ourselves. Instrumental rock, progressive or post…it doesn’t matter to us, it has reached unsuspected heights in these parts with reference bands that have made a quarry, if sometimes the voice is what marks a band in this its absence shows that there must be of everything in the vineyard and not be a condemnation. Acts of resurrection, charity, hope and announcing passages such as “Luke I, 26-38” sounded, the fucking masters.



We went to the Desert in search of refreshments and snacks in the restoration area, there Light blue With some red lights in the darkness of hell, the French dressed in mining helmets with red frontal lights gathered a good number of fans of hectic doom black metal, something infernal about these guys, who helped to lower food with the good wine Lucense del Kalimotxo. This time we were able to get hold of the official merchandising, although many references were already sold out.


sabaton they were the headliner of the day, discord with the Rise Against hierarchy in the gatherings, the Swedes returned to the festival, left behind since that distant 2017. Their particular power metal has countless followers, children of the millennium and heirs of those Helloween, Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Rage, Dragonfly, Gamma Ray or Statovarius among others. He began to run the gas on stage based on flashes and explosions propelled from various points and from his tank on which the battery is stationed.


We are Sabaton and we play heavy metal, this is «Ghost Division» along with five simultaneous explosions, this was his powerful entrance.


They attacked with one of their latest weapons «Stormtroopers», «Great War» and one of my favorites «The Red Baron» both from the album that gives the first title. It is not a band that makes us lose our temper but it is nice to see them, they have a spectacular live show. Among its followers there is a lot of youth which fills us with pride and satisfaction, there is a future, its sound takes you back to that golden age with that we have enough. In «Resist and Bite» they made a nod to Judas Priest, the concert passed between choirs, raised fists, explosions and gas, the protagonist of next fall.


The day was coming to an end, steeped in epic war stories told by Sabaton. With their whistling anthem “To Hell and Back” they said goodbye as heroes, they fulfilled their role as standard bearers of power heavy metal. There was some problem with Lionheart that we couldn’t see. If we listen to beheaded while we grouped up, merciless whiplash like «Cancer Culture» or «Just a Cigarrette» both from their last album that gives title to the first, its brutal death metal and the sharp play of lights were the last memories that we take with us on our hard drive neural. We had present in the gathering of recena the morning announcement of the KoRn time change due to logistics that happened from Sunday from 4:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in broad daylight, better than nothing, we resigned ourselves … taking into account Davis’ black history. Employed to Serve and Everything Unfolds fell today due to flight cancellations, Dead Label and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber were fed by COVID. So far the war part of the day.

Text and photos: Jabier Rioboó-Ignacio Aguado






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Resurrection Fest 2022, Friday July 1 Sabaton vs Rise Against – Dirty Rock Magazine

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