Results of the French pro fights of the weekend (14/5/2022)

Find below, the results of the French professional boxers who performed in the rings of France during this second weekend of May.

In Istanbul

The heavyweight Mourad Aliev (4 v) beat the Bosnian Mirko Tintor (16 v, 6 d, 1 n) by stoppage of the referee in the 2nd round. Mourad Aliev knocked his opponent down three times in the second round, each time with powerful two-handed hooks to the head.

In Houdain

The bantamweight, Vincent Legrand (33 v, 1 d) played the last fight of his career against the tough Venezuelan Hector Betancourt (14 v, 3 d) whom he beat on points (57-55) not without being counted in the 3rd round.

In Nice

The super-bantamweight, Joe Callea (4 v) beat by referee stoppage in the 8th and last round, the Georgian Davit Shervashidze (2 v, 10 d, 4 n).

In super-lightweight, Maxime Gilli (4 v, 6 d, 3 d) and Justin Dieme (1 v, 7 d, 2 d) drew (57-57)

In Romorantin

In welterweight, Alain Christian Sangue (11 v, 7 d, 2 n) and Don Yves Mikael Taha (7 v, 2 d, 1 n) separated in a majority draw (58-57, 57-57, 57 -57).

In light heavyweight, Alexis Cloarec (3 v, 1 d) beat on points (58-56, 58-56, 58-57) Fabrice Lewis Menayame (3 v, 5 d, 1 n).

In featherweight, the young Nicat Mammadov (1 v, 1 d) beat by majority decision (39-37, 39-37, 38-38) Ylies Villaudiere (3 v, 2 d, 1 n).

In heavyweight, Eder Galina Fortes (2 v, 1 d) beat on points (40-36, 40-36, 39-37) the neo pro Jordan Lakli (1 d).

In Theix

In middleweight, Vincent Galazzo (5 v, 8, d, 6 n) and Georgian Nika Bigvava (3 v, 1 d, 1 n) separated in a majority draw (56-56, 56-56, 56 -55).

In Calonne-Ricouart

In super middleweight, Kevin Deloffre (4 d, 2 n) and Jonathan Leclercq (6 v, 7 d, 3 n) could not be decided, draw (57-57).

In bantamweight, fifteen days after his previous fight, Dylan Beccu (5 v, 1 n) drew (38-38 with Anthony Fevrat Rolet (1 v, 1 n).

In Clermont-Ferrand

In feather, Anaelle Angerville (3 v, 1 d, 1 d) largely beat on points (60-54, 60-54, 60-54) the Serbian Tijana Draskovic (1 v, 1 d).

In super middleweight, Mbemba Miesi (8 v, 6 d, 4 n) drew (58-56, 56-58, 57-57) with the Portuguese Celso Neves (9 v, 2 d, 2 n).

In heavyweight, Karim Berredjem (11v, 8d) largely won on points (60-54, 60-54, 60-54) against the Czech Miloslav Pavek (2v, 13d).

In welterweight, Nassim Mahouechi (3 v, 1 d, 1 n) qualified for the semi-finals of the national criterium by beating on points (39-37) Naim Bellahcene (1 v, 4 d, 1 n).

In Paris

In lightweights, the undefeated Christ Esabe (12 v) won on points (80-72, 80-72, 80-72) ahead of the Venezuelan Sander Diaz (13 v, 8 d, 1 n).

In super-welterweight, Victor (1v) made a victorious pro debut by beating Georgian Gurami Kurtanidze (4v, 15d, 5d) before the limit (KO 1). Victor Yoka sent the Georgian to the mat with a hard blow, he was unable to get up.

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Results of the French pro fights of the weekend (14/5/2022)

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