Red: “I would have a brandy with Ed Sheeran”

Singer, composer, music producer, with six record productions, image of soda brands and technological products. Is Andres Tintothe Colombian based in Los Angeles, United States, who is known in the industry as Red. Throughout her career she has collaborated with artists such as Karol G and shared stages with other greats such as Maluma Y J. Balvin.

About his new song, Tonight, EXPRESSIONS contacted the interpreter of other hits like Bring the bottle, it’s that you’re leaving me Y I am still waiting, to find out how the man behind the artist thinks, feels and lives through a personal test.

I know he has a mania that he can’t stop.

Yes, I am one of those who listen to the same song many times

What is the sound you like the most and the one you like the least?


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I enjoy the sounds that all the instruments make. I listen to a song and concentrate on each instrument. The one I don’t like is the crying one. I don’t like to hear someone cry over some unfortunate event.

As a good passenger on this train called life, how is your trip going?

Magical. It is a race of ups and downs but I have enjoyed each process to the fullest.

If you weren’t a singer, what would you be now?

I studied Law, but I can’t imagine myself without music in my life.

A lesson to share?

I feel that although life is beautiful, it is also loaded with many lessons, so I am more than determined to learn from each one of them and, as always, face it. I always look for the good side of each one of those lessons that life gives us all.

Anything to say about Tonight?

Like all the songs I’ve written, it’s an important part of my life. It reminds me of my homeland, Colombian music and, like many melodies, I try to combine my roots with those of the world. What few know is that I also produced it.

What are you missing right now?

I would love a hug from my mother, she is in my land, Manizales. I talk to her every day but I would like a hug from her as I am currently living in Los Angeles, California.

The last time you screwed up?

Every day we are in a learning. I mean, for some reason we always mess up, but that also makes us better people.

Conflicts or solutions?

Conflicts are always part of everyday life. Many times moving forward with my dreams has generated conflict with people who may not agree or do not understand my daily work. Therefore, they want to take away or blur that dream.

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Would his life be appropriate to see it in a soap opera, in a miniseries or in a movie?

My life has been a total movie since I was born and I hope one day to make it into a movie, a story full of music, love and heartbreak.

A pending duo?

Each artist has a stamp, a touch, a magic, so in the path of life each song shows which artist complements this beautiful process and each artist that I share leaves something good in my heart.

What does Ecuador tell you?

A long time ago I visited that beautiful country that opens its doors for me and for which I feel deeply grateful with its beautiful people.

In what subjects does he get red on the notebook?

I have the ability to easily learn everything that I set my mind to, so what I would not do is what, no matter how much I try, practice, look for it, I definitely cannot. But I love to do everything and learn from everything.

With whom would you have a brandy in an ideal setting listening to his music, if not yours, whose would it be?

I would have a brandy with Ed Sheeran. He is a very complete artist. I think we would sing all night and have more than one bottle, I would learn a lot from him.

An astral journey?

I believe in a supreme God who gives us strength, life and the desire to win the battle. That’s why I don’t think an astral journey.

Does your child applaud what you do?

My son is 3 years old, but from a very young age he has been attracted to music. He loves the guitar, the piano. I have several instruments in my studio and he always goes straight in to look for the piano. He tries to play it and smiles when he sees me sing.

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What do you think of the success of Latin music in the world?

It has become a beautiful reference worldwide. Our roots touch the fibers of people all over the planet. The rhythms, the melodies, the voices and the mix of all this makes the whole planet sing in Spanish, I feel very proud of all this and of being part of this movement.

With which artist would you repeat the experience of singing again?

All the artists I have worked with have left me a great message and great learning, so with everyone.

The last time you cried for what or who?

I am a very sensitive person, I am easily affected by an everyday emotion, I can cry with joy or sadness.

A sentence that sums up your life

Walker there is no path, the path is made by walking, is the phrase of a song that I love.

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How is he like David and when is he Goliath?

I feel like I’m very passionate in everything I do. Even if it is very difficult to achieve it, I fight and fight until I get it. Perhaps one of my weaknesses is that, because I am so passionate, I am extremely perfectionist.

When you don’t sing, what do you love?

I really enjoy being with my family, going to a park, being on the beach, cooking, getting to know new places, visiting new places. Anyway, where I go, I write songs.

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Red: “I would have a brandy with Ed Sheeran”

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