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Return Of The Dream Canteen is everything we are and have always dreamed of being“. This is the shocking statement that accompanies the release of this new album by Red Hot Chili Peppers. A hook, which sends heavy and raises expectations. Does the band have enough creativity left for a second album?

The return of the child prodigy part 2

Not content with having already released an album on April 1st, the group is going one better with a new record. Indeed, the reunion of the musicians turned out to be rich in creativity with the recording of no less than fifty new songs. The first titles place the listener in a comfort zone. It’s all there, a vibrant bass, a guitar with the most sensual melodic flights, a rhythm hammered with accuracy and the voice ofAnthony Kiedis. A sweet feeling feel good, which quickly becomes mesmerizing. This was already the case with the first part of this double album.

The first thought is a renewed impression of osmosis within the group. “Tippa My Tongue” is the very example of this regained balance. Everything sounds right and everything is under control. “Peace And Love” seduces with the bucolic lines of John Frusciante. The more explosive energy of the chorus of “Reach Out” shakes up the listener. Cleverly dosed, the contribution of distortion hits the mark. This is one of the strong points of the group, not trying to do too much. After having experimented a lot, the quartet knows where to go. Funk is in the spotlight on “Bella”. A guitar, which grooves and a nonchalant bass, which makes you want to jiggle. An instant classic for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A perfect osmosis

Return Of The Dream Canteen struck by a palpable desire to create together. There is something beautiful, almost magical in this perfect harmony. The touch, the sensitivity of frustrating on “Eddie” is fascinating. His solos reflect an unlimited imaginative freedom, supported by the quiet bass of Flea. What happiness. The group integrates very grunge influences on “Bag Of Grins”. The piece offers a darker universe, with a little different work on the vocals. A welcome variation because halfway through the album, the tracks begin to take a repetitive turn.

Red Hot Chili Peppers has been able to seduce an increasingly large audience with its ability to navigate all genres, while offering a unique sound. Sometimes the comfort zone becomes too pronounced and a more hit title is long overdue. Some tracks like “Handful” or “Copperbelly” are slightly lacking in flavor. A little more pep would have taken “The Drummer” to other horizons. “Carry Me Home” could have suffered from a slight drop in rhythm, but the solos of frustrating come to tickle the ear. The slower, but well-constructed finale delivers another facet of the group. The slam ofAnthony Kiedis brings a touch of innovation and a touch of vulnerability.

Red Hot Chili Peppers amazes by the synergy of the group, its ability to transmit the creative happiness of playing together.

our selection

  • Eddie
  • Reach Out
  • Tippa My Tongue

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Return Of The Dream Canteen – Chronicles – RockUrLife – webzine rock, alternative, indie, french scene

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