Real estate: western Hérault is emerging as a new El Dorado

Low prices, medium-sized towns where life is good, economic dynamism: the Lab Immo zoomed in on the attractiveness of western Hérault, during the Béziers real estate fair organized this weekend by L’Agence.

With significantly lower real estate prices – 3 times less in the old, almost 2 times less in the new! – to those practiced in the metropolis of Montpellier, western Hérault is doing well.

This is the strong message hammered home by professionals during the Lab Immo Free lunchFriday at the Béziers Real Estate Show*.

“Prices have increased by 26% in the old in one year, but remain very attractive”, underlines Vincent Thieule, director of the Progest agencies in Béziers, and vice-president of Fnaim Hérault in this territory.

q signui does not deceive: in the new, the Angelotti group markets products for investors, “even without Pinel tax exemption system, of which Béziers is no longer a part, because profitability is there”, analyzes Roch Angelotti, managing director. A strong rental tension is felt, for lack of new products for sale.

The M&A group (Montpellier), already active in Sète, is also prospecting Béziers and Agde. “Everything is very positive in these sectors, with high rates of marketing”, welcomes Xavier Bringer, director.

Renewal in commercial real estate

Affordable prices are not the only attraction of West Hérault. This territory located between the coast and the charm of the high cantons, is rich in its string of medium-sized towns (Sète, Agde, Béziers), served by regional trains and two motorways (A9 and A75).

The prospect of the arrival of the LGV in Béziers by 2034, confirmed by Prime Minister Jean Castex, gives a perspective. The revival is felt at the level of business real estate, in the wake of the Genvia project (carbon-free hydrogen), for which President Macron traveled on November 16, announcing €200 million in aid from the State.

“We have quite surprising requests, of 2,000 m2 or more, for locations in downtown Béziers. Like this modeling agency, which is looking for a private mansion to rent”, confides Vincent Thieule.

It is also a question of reinventing the town planning of the territory. Olivier Marty, architect-urban planner, co-manager of the Sirius group (Boujan-sur-Libron), thus specializes in operations to reclaim urban wastelands and industrial sites.

“The reconstruction of the city on the city is the policy of tomorrow, while the PLU no longer allow urban sprawl as we once knew”, he analyzes.

Among the challenges to be met, according to him: “Better connect the outskirts to the city centers, and work on the connection of Béziers to the sea, in particular by soft mobility”, he projects. The speakers also underline the potential of secondary residences on the coast.

“This represents a deposit of tens of thousands of homes on the coast, some vacant for a good part of the year and already connected to all networks, including fiber”, observes Roch Angelotti.

“The State must create a fund of 10 billion euros which will gradually pre-empt the studios on the coast, as they are put up for sale. They will then have to be transformed and renovated into T2, T3 or T4, in a perspective of residentialization of housing on the coast, continues Xavier Bringer. While it is increasingly difficult to build in urban extension, we are working on this existing stock, to meet housing needs.”

* Organized by The Agency. The show continues this Sunday at the Parc des Expositions in Béziers.

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Real estate: western Hérault is emerging as a new El Dorado

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