Rayden reflects on “love and loneliness” in his first novel

After two decades of uninterrupted career, which includes seven albums with more than 100 songs and five collections of poems, David Martínez Álvarez, better known as Raydenpremieres her first novel, ‘The approach of the cactus woman and the balloon man’with which he reflects on current love and loneliness.

“Today’s society is a hubbub of stimuli that do not let you think or feel for yourself, all the time you see yourself conditioned. That is why for me it was important to put two characters with their little backpack full of stones and see how they broke all those prejudices that each one has towards life and the false conception they have of themselves (…)”, he pointed out to EFE in a interview.

Given this novel, which is now in its second edition and which considers “a critique of all that is imposed on us”, there are many references to solitude, more specifically to “chosen solitude, which is an act of self-love”, Rayden specifies (Alcalá de Henares, 1985).

I love the chosen solitude; in fact, it is a privilege because it is a way of knowing oneself and, through there, is how I describe the characters and their feelings”, affirms the artist, influenced by the sensations of confinement.

in the plot is Sahara, a young woman who works in the small family flower shop, although she dreams of other horizons. She knows all types of love and the flowers that accompany each one, but she is closed in mistrust.

On the other hand, it is Ciro, who works as a home delivery man posing as Nico while he is on leave and whose goal is not to be like his father. He goes out of his way to show that he is a good person while his aspirations are being frustrated.

One afternoon, both collide in front of the door of a bar in Madrid. They begin to get to know each other, but they hate each other, until, in their solitudes, they realize that with that shock and above the rage a flame was lit that will make them change their minds.

Rayden, who has a long career as a writer, including the collections of poems ‘Herido diario’ (2015), ‘TERMINAMOs y otros poemas infinizada’ (2016) or ‘Amoratado’ (2022), among others, reflects that He doesn’t know which came first, the novel or the song of the same name that he included on his album ‘Homonymous’ (2021).

I think it was the novel first, that I wrote the first two chapters and then I thought of making a soundtrack that would unite my concerns. But when I made the song, it seemed to me that it was the theme that was missing from the previous album, and that I had to get it out now. Then it took its own dimension that I decided to continue the novel. They have fed back from each other,” she confesses with a laugh.

The novel, which was initially conceived to be written entirely in verse and at the last minute there were changes in plans due to the size of the project (350 pages) and its emotional content, also has its own soundtrack.

A song precedes each chapter, chosen by the author himself from the repertoire of artists such as The White Stripes, Joan Manuel Serrat, Vetusta Morla, Viva Suecia or Ed Sheeran, among others.

Happy for the reception that the book is having, the rapper is now waiting “with open arms” for April to arrive, the date on which he will release his eighth studio album, “La victoria imposible”, which will include 14 songs, some of which will be with “important” collaborations.

I am living the happiest years of my life because I can do what I likechoose the music that I want and I am lucky to collaborate with artists both nationally and internationally that I would never have imagined”, he advances “happy for the album and the tour that will start in nothing” and while working on his next novel .

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Rayden reflects on “love and loneliness” in his first novel

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