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Canadian punk band PUP was back in Montreal Friday night for a show at MTELUS, along with Sheer Mag and Pinkshift. Back to the evening.

The PUP guys take the stage under the show’s bombastic credits NBA on NBC and start with Four Chordsthe title that opens their new album The Unraveling Of Puptheband with an intro on a keyboard that will immediately disappear for the rest of the evening: it’s a guitar band after all!

We must face the facts for the Toronto formation, the public was waiting for them and knows all the titles by singing the choruses and not reluctant to raise their arms. The golden years of pop-punk à la Blink-182 are not over!

The concert is well oiled and quickly the mosh pit is activated. If the general atmosphere is good-natured, the group still reminded to do this with respect and love for its neighbor.

The short titles are linked and the excellent atmosphere will not fall any more of the evening. The hits like Totally Fine Where waiting make the public bounce and Stefan Babcock, the frontman of the band, does not save his jumps, so is it a collective practice for the evening?

The atmosphere is boiling hot, body surfers follow each other and one fan even manages to find herself backstage dancing like crazy.

ensues Matilda, an ode by Babcock to his guitar (a Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway TV yellow with p90 for lovers of beautiful guitars) and which is immediately followed by the complete solo ofHotel California, with the part with two guitars and all… A well-felt tribute or the pinnacle of cheesiness? I let you choose.

I won’t go under the shadow of the very beautiful, energetic and original lighting with two luminous panels on each side of the stage which sparkle to the rhythm of the titles.

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In the end, an energetic and square show, perhaps a little monotonous for my taste, but which ended this very beautiful evening well.

Pinkshift: the discovery

To open the evening, the band Pinkshift from Baltimore, Maryland, appeared on stage.

A pop-punk formation, two guitars, bass, drums and the incredible singer Ashrita Kumar.

We could sum up the group to a kind of No Doubt with a singer who has similarities with a Gwen Stefani of the 2020s but let’s not reduce the formation to that, the guitars are more punk and the vocals more committed and pushed.

If the Mtelus fills up quietly at the start of the set, spectators quickly gather around the stage, harangued and attracted by the energetic and excellent singer. In the third title Get Out of My Facethe public is already won over, things are starting to stir!

Kumar, cramped on a stage cluttered with the material of the next groups, gives 110% by surveying the stage up and down and not sparing his jumps or his calls to the spectators. The evening starts strong and in a very nice way. The protesting and feminist lyrics catch on and I find it way too short. There is a more hard-rock track which would be closer to the beginning of Metallica with more or less successful growl but the room is ready to adopt them as is, now, immediately,

I will also note the presence of Myron Houngbedji on drums, with a beautiful inspired technique. Quality that unfortunately lacks the solo guitarist of the formation.

An excellent first part that I would not fail to follow in their ascent. I’m willing to bet that their names will quickly come out of the fray in the coming months.

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Listen here:

Sheer Mag: in development

Second group of the evening, Sheer Mag enters the scene under the night fever of the Bee Gees and they begin the evening with a title which will be reminiscent of the monolithic rock of AC/DC.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is also a formation with a singer, Christina Halladay, full of potential that pushes the group forward.

The following titles are more conventional, strongly eyeing the 80s, sometimes evoking Fleetwood Mac and yacht rock. The guitars are clean with a lot of chorus and the headband of the solo guitarist recalls Mark Knopfler from the beginning.

But Halladay is an exceptional vocalist with an uncommon power who will sometimes push the sound system to its limits and who alone would trigger an army of French singers. And even if it means making references to the 80s, I find in him a grain of voice that would be between Pat Benatar and Bonnie Tyler.

The group, very comfortable, is not disconcerted by the bass player’s broken string and continues a performance just as strong, to come back in the end on an AC/DC piece. The group was well received by the spectators and received warm applause.

If the influences of the group are clearly assumed and highlighted during their set, they are however not yet completely digested and I can’t wait to hear what they will offer us when they have found their own identity.

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PUP at MTELUS | An evening full of spring! – Sorts-tu.ca – The Sorteux Webzine

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