Public improv box on the avenue to enjoy Guns N’ Roses in Ribeirão Preto, SP | Ribeirao Preto and France –

Public improv box on the avenue to enjoy Guns N’ Roses in Ribeirão Preto, SP | Ribeirao Preto and France

Torn between the experience of listening to and watching world rock icons in the city where they live, even on the big screen or from a distance, and the desire to be at the Eurobike Arena on Friday evening (16), the residents of Ribeirão Preto ( SP ) improvised a free box on the construction site and on the sidewalks of Avenida Costábile Romano, east side, for the unprecedented Guns N’ Roses show in the city.

The popcorn group, or “gramarote” as the area was called, took binoculars, beach chairs, towels to cover the floor, cans of drinks and some even got into trucks to improve their vision.

Among the costumes, the Guns shirts and bandanas were successful. The excitement isn’t the same as those who saw the musicians inside, but the hits had a chorus from the outside. Sometimes the excitement was higher, especially when it came to more famous songs, like “Welcome to the Jungle,” but anyway, everyone enjoyed it.

Audience enjoying the Guns N’Roses show in Ribeirão Preto at the Avenida Costabile Romano construction site — Photo: Vinicius Alves/g1

Slash’s guitar solos, unsurprisingly, drew sighs and admiration from those enjoying the show glued to the railing, not of the stage, but of the fence.

Biologist Luís Arthur Chaves went with his wife and watched the show through binoculars. He wanted to be with the crowd that filled the arena, but he couldn’t buy the tickets. Still, he liked to enjoy idols outside.

“You see a lot. The big screen helps because it has good definition and now with binoculars you can see it up close. The boys are sweating in their shirts and giving blood. It’s funny. I wanted to be inside. The climate, the crowd, the energy eventually change. Louder sound is also more pleasant. Here the wind takes the noise away, but it was the greatest pleasure, the greatest joy,” he said.

Biologist Luis Arthur and his wife enjoy the Guns N’ Roses show in Ribeirão Preto, SP, at the Avenue makeshift box. — Photo: Vinicius Alves/g1

‘Unique opportunity’

Student Vanessa Júlia da Silva accompanied her boyfriend to accompany the show. The couple, who had done this before when Kiss was performing in town, were glued to the railing and loved what they saw, even though they wanted to be closer to the stage.

“It’s not the same, I wanted to be there, but it’s worth it here. I can see the screen better. I think if I was there it would be more fun, but that’s one thing.

Vanessa’s friend, student Arthur Leite, agrees, but points out that it’s a unique opportunity to stand in front of a band like Guns N’ Roses.

“It’s better than staying at home. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a band like Guns here in our city is rare. To see him again at Rock in Rio. We have to take advantage of the fact that they are here,” he said.

Fans Vanessa and Arthur enjoyed the Guns show stuck to the fence that separates Avenida Costábile Romano from the Eurobike Arena in Ribeirão Preto, SP — Photo: Vinícius Alves/g1

The alternative is not exclusive to the gang of Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Company. When Kiss and Iron Maiden performed in the city in May and August this year respectively, the space was used.

The meeting point has already established itself among the locals. Realtor Deywison Silva went to Iron with friends, just like this Friday.

“Iron’s boys were a little smaller than the boys here, but it’s too much fun, too. Over there [dentro] it’s better, but here it’s just as good, we communicate with people, we can exchange a nice idea. Worth it for fun and entertainment, and it’s just free [paguei] beer “.

Audiences cling to a railing to watch the Guns N’ Roses show at a makeshift club in Ribeirão Preto, SP — Photo: Vinícius Alves/g1

Bespoke cabinetmaker Celso Silva Prado watched Kiss from the Eurobike Arena, but Iron and Guns were joined by the ‘gramarote’. Using a monocle, the resident of Ribeirânia, the district where the shows took place, enjoyed it as if he had bought a ticket.

” Is better [aqui fora]. It is a pleasant accommodation. I still have the monocle and it’s nice. It’s nice to see everyone. When I looked at Kiss, I saw further than here. It was worth it and the investment was nil.

Celso took a monocle to see Guns N’Roses in a makeshift box in Ribeirão Preto, SP — Photo: Vinícius Alves/g1

Accompanied by her husband, daughter, cousin and sister-in-law, prosthetic Vilma Aparecida told Alves Bonfarini that she discovered space on the show Iron Maiden.

“My husband and my daughter went to the Kiss concert. Then, from Iron, my sister-in-law said we could see it from here. We came, we loved it and we are here. It’s really worth it. You won’t have the emotion of being there, but you will hear it, you will feel what a rock concert really is. Rockeiro is my man, he understands a lot of things, but as a layman I’m in love with the sound”.

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Public improv box on the avenue to enjoy Guns N’ Roses in Ribeirão Preto, SP | Ribeirao Preto and France –

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