Printemps de Bourges: Vini Vici in interview!

It’s an aficia exclusive! We went to meet Vini Vici shortly before they mixed on the Printemps de Bourges mainstage. Meet !

It’s almost 3am when we head into the dressing rooms of some of the most influential and popular DJs on the world electronic scene. That’s just a few minutes before returning from the Palais d’Auron to the Printemps de Bourges! We name Vini Vici who recently mixed at tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnivalthe Ultra and who will be at DeltaFestival (Marseilles) and at LollaPalooza (Paris) this summer!

That evening, only Matan Kadosh was present, the other half were mixing in Mexico. What a funny life you will say. Well not that much. Half of Vini Vini admit to living (almost normally)! The proof in an interview…

5 questions for Vini Vici!

1 How do you present Vini Vici?

If I had to introduce Vini Vici, I would say it’s positive music, authentic music with a lot of energy.

2 Are you proud ofimpose a style as unpopular as yours, namely psytrance?

Yes I am very proud of it! It’s a style that I started practicing when I started DJing, I was around 16 years old. Even in the underground in Israel, in illegal parties where there were sometimes 200 people, I always did that. And today, being able to play this style all over the world is incredible. I’m very proud of it.

3 You have the possibility of doing many closings in festivals, you are known and recognized. How is it going for you in everyday life?

wow. I am a very simple person. I don’t feel like I’m famous. On the other hand, I love the energy and the positivity of the crowd when I perform. This feeling is very strong. I just feel like myself. I can still go on holiday freely with my family without being able to recognize me. I’m just trying to blend in with the crowd (Smile).

4 Do Israelis listen to “the French touch”? And yourself, do you have any French artists that you like?

To be honest, my number 1 is Bob Marley. My number 2 is daft-punk (laughs). I have great respect for both of them, they are amazing. You are lucky to have an incredible electronic scene with David Guetta and DJ Snake. But for me, if I had to choose, I would choose Daft Punk… but there is also Mr Oize, Justice those guys!

5 How do you describe the French public compared to the rest of the world? Is there anything special?

It’s funny, because I manage to feel a particular energy each time. Everyone is different. The energy from one city to another can change. The French public has a special relationship with music. They have artists well known to us and have a good knowledge of music. The French know what they are talking about. They know how to appreciate music at its fair value. That’s what I would say.

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Printemps de Bourges: Vini Vici in interview!

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