Post Malone, the man who whispered in the ears of millennials

Since the spectacular launch of his career, Post Malone has been criticized for many things. But you can’t blame him for not being grateful. In front of the crowd of 16,120 gathered at the Bell Center on Sunday night, the Dallas entertainer said thank you more times than he said fucking. And that means many times.

It was in the smoke that Austin Richard Post, his real name, opened the festivities. And he did it with the title track from his eclectic third album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, dark lament on these vampires drinking in the celebrity of the others. ” You never took the time to get to know me “, he sang with intensity. True that, faced with “Posty”, many do not ignore the first impression. That of the disheveled guy with the face covered in tattoos. The one with the word “Always” under one eye and “Tired” under the other. It is also his slightly sleepy side that his detractors reproach him for. Twenty-four years old, already tired? Boy, come on.

In a devastating landmark article, the washington post even called him “a star that perfectly represents the present moment in American history”. “It’s not a compliment,” added the journalist, just to be sure. As for his music, he called it “the most superficial form of rap bastardization of all time.”

A man of his time, the one who mixes pop and hip-hop so well has nevertheless worked year after year to prove those who constantly predict his end. That of his career as of his person. Last summer, when the plane carrying him had to make an emergency landing, many netizens expressed disappointment that he didn’t just crash.

His retort? Sing, simply, “I had friends, now I have enemies” in the aptly named piece enemies, one of many catchy tunes to slip into his roster on Sunday. Because this chic guy fights hatred with chain hits. And he paraded them on Sunday, interspersing everything with thanks, always. “ Thank you so fucking much, ladies and gentlemen. »

For some, Post Malone remains an incomprehensible phenomenon. Certainly, the spectacle can mystify. With the exception of projections of himself on the big screen, Post Malone walks on stage alone with his microphone, without instruments, armed only with his songs and his tracks in playback. His words go straight to the point: “I wish I had a better story to tell you, but I wrote this piece because I had just bought myself a really cool watch”, he for example noticed before ‘interpret psychology. For those who like lyrical flights, this may seem very weak. For his fans, it is precisely this candid side that makes his success.

Because the star with multiple billion plays on Spotify has a sensitive soul. Admittedly, he sometimes chants about the brand of his underwear and that of the beer he downs (in his poetic words: ” Versace boxers on my dick | Bud Light runnin’ through my piss “), but at the heart of the majority of his lyrics is the theme that has watered 99.9879% of all music of all time: heartbreak. “All my compositions are about feeling like shit and being sad,” he reminded an audience that felt visibly the opposite of those feelings. To support his point, he swung Better Now, where he assures that he will be fine even though he was left. After all, it was “only” the love of his life. Oh.

In a happier register, this melody machine that is Posty interpreted Saint Tropez, a “celebration of existence”. “You try to give me advice, but I do what I want since I was a fetus,” he essentially proclaims. The idea of ​​doing what you want without worrying about others also crossed the concert. “I’m going to get high,” he warned, raising his glass, scratching his head tenderly. No one raised any objections.

In a loud voice, he performed yet another ode to “feeling worthless and heartbroken.” It was goodbyes, such a beautiful piece of “almost rupture” where he says he has no talent for goodbyes. But he has some to tell.

Unfortunately, from where we were at least, the sound at maximum volume deteriorated quite a bit during the concert. not his fault. During Wow., it was so much in the way that it made the appreciation less enjoyable. We still followed when, romantically, he asked if everyone had had a great Valentine’s Day before presenting another song about being really sad. “I hope no one here feels the same way,” he said.

Speaking of throwing, he admitted that he had been playing beer pong all day long (read: table tennis, in an alcoholic version). And that it was in this altered state that he would “play the fucking guitar” for us. “So if anyone remembers the lyrics…” he added. He remembered it, though. And that’s how he did Stayone of the best pieces of his repertoire, in which someone elegantly puts out a cigarette in his face.

After this interlude in ballad mode, he also left his guitar in favor of a cigarette, to continue with this celebration of friendship that is GoFlextaken from his first album, Stoney. The same disc that contains his first ever hit, White Iverson (in reference to the basketball star, Allen of his first name). “Before writing this song, I slept in my friend’s closet,” he said, moved. Now I’m traveling around the world. Thank you, thank you very much. »

After a final a cappellaand a bow, his friend rapper Swae Lee, who had officiated in the first part, joined him for sun flower — and to distribute flowers to the congregation. “Since I became known, my life has changed for the better, but also for the worse. But it’s okay because the same sons of *** who insulted me are now reaching out to me in the street to congratulate me, ”summarized the rockstar before concluding on the superhit of the same name (read: rockstar“grrra-ta-ta-ta”), followed by Congratulations. Conclude ? No, he still had one more thing to say. ” Thanks thanks thanks, fucking thank you. »

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Post Malone, the man who whispered in the ears of millennials

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