PODCAST. Shattered Fates: A look back at the life of Whitney Houston

PODCAST. Closer looks back at public figures who have had tragic fates. Marie-France Pisier, Whitney Houston, Maurane… Rediscover their stories of tumultuous lives in our podcast Les destins shattered.

Whitney. A name that is almost self-sufficient. She, who was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1963, immediately had a particular affinity with music, to the point of making an incredible career out of it… Whitney Houston grew up in a believing family, of the Baptist movement. Her mother was a singer, and she was encouraged at a very young age to sing in church. Quickly, his exceptional voice was noticed and at only eleven years old, he was asked to sing his very first solo. She was still a teenager when her career began. From an amateur singer, she became a chorister for singers of her time like Jermaine Jackson… and then she tried her hand at modeling as well as comedy. The young woman has more than one string to her bow!

Everything jostles in her head when she meets Robyn Crawford in 1980 during the holidays. One is 17, the other 19. At first, it’s just a banal friendly relationship, but the feelings are transformed until a real romantic relationship is born between the two young girls. The entourage does not condone, and Whitney Houston ends up ending it in 1983, for fear that it will harm her career in music. The singer was then 20 years old, and she signed a contract with Clive Davis, president of the Arista record company. His first album was released two years later, and three of his singles ended up ranked number 1 in the United States. And that’s not all: in just a few months, it also exploded internationally. From that moment on, her successes were linked: she went on tour, released several new albums and managed to place 7 consecutive number 1s in the American top 40 years. She beats the record held by the Beatles! His career is settling but does not stop there. In the 90s, we see her in the cinema and she continues to release hits like her cover of I Will Always Love You which becomes yet another global success.

Whitney Houston: what did the singer die of?

On the personal side, his life takes a new turning point by marrying singer Bobby Brown and above all, having with him a daughter, Bobbi Kristina, on March 4, 1993. Everything seems to smile on Whitney Houston, but despite the money and the celebrity, she has trouble having a tidy life. His romantic relationship is unstable, violent. Her husband recognizes several adulteries, and Whitney sinks into drug addiction.

In 2000, it was the descent into hell: she is arrested at the airport in Hawaii in possession of marijuana. His Oscar performance is cancelled. When Telle asks for a divorce 6 years later, she decides to record a new album, which should mark her return to the stage. But after a few concerts, this return is interrupted: his voice seems too weakened to continue. As if that were not enough, his residence is seized by the American tax authorities for non-payment of a debt of 1.4 million dollars. Despite everything, Whitney Houston bounces back, and releases a new album in 2009, a new planetary success.

This album will be his last. On February 11, 2012, whitney houston is found unconscious in her bathtub at the hotel where she was staying. Medications are found with her. His death was quickly confirmed, with the inquest finding accidental drowning caused by heart disease and his cocaine use. His funeral takes place a few days later in Newark, his birthplace. Many celebrities are present to say a last goodbye to him during a ceremony under the sign of the gospel. The coffin leaves the ceremony to the sound of his song I will Always love You. A farewell, like a cry of love towards his loved ones.

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PODCAST. Shattered Fates: A look back at the life of Whitney Houston

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