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To be seen, you have to show up. And for overseas artists to show themselves, they need more production aid. A challenge that is not just financial, according to the choreographer and director of “Mois Kreyol”, Chantal Loial and the director of ONDA, the National Office for Artistic Diffusion, Marie-Pia Bureau. They are the guests of “The Ear is bold”.

“Come see the actors, see the musicians […] who are coming!” sang Charles Aznavour… Only here it is: the actors and other performing arts professionals, originating from Overseas France, do not necessarily all reach us. which consists in making their works, their shows travel.
It is an understatement to say it, they have a major handicap: that of being far. In any case, far from the decision-making centers, from the allocation of funds to support creation, but more importantly distribution.

The dissemination of artistic creations from the Overseas Territories under debate

It’s undeniable: artists made in Overseas France know how to create – even if they need more residences to do so – but it’s more to show what they know how to do outside their natural borders than the problem arises. The Mois Kreyol festival initiated by the choreographer Chantal Loïal, allowed a whole day of reflection on this question. In the podcast The Ear is bold, you will hear the latter share her experience and expertise. And on the same subject, another guest associated with Chantal Loïal’s initiative: Marie-Pia Office of ONDA, the National Office for Artistic Dissemination.

ONDA, the National Office for Artistic Diffusion, therefore co-organized this day of meetings to give the floor to artists from the Overseas Territories. The great hall of Temple tile in Paris was full to welcome these artists. Circassians, musicians, actors, directors, directors of companies (among them: the musician Maher Beauroy, the slammer Myriam Baldus, the choreographer Djodjo Kazadi, the storyteller Sergio Grondin, the circus artist Virginie Le Flaouter and others…) officiating in Reunion, Mayotte, the West Indies or Guyana.
Some are based in France, others had traveled to Paris; still others had recorded their testimonies through videos projected during the day. All there to tell their thirst to show their know-how to various audiences… and their frustrations.

Marie-Pia Bureau, Director of ONDA, the National Office for Artistic Diffusion

Creation aids exist and are more or less well used, so that is not the main question. And that’s why the ONDA exists, subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, to best support artists, those from all over France and therefore those from overseas.

A long-term task, points out the director of ONDA, who bets above all on what she calls “inter-knowledge”. Because without knowledge of the other, of their living conditions and their difficulties, there is no salvation in the search for solutions. And as the problem has arisen for a long time, he makes believe that after all these years, the supervisory authorities (Overseas or Culture) still do not know the realities of overseas artists.

Dancer, choreographer, company director Chantal Loïal

However, the solutions are simple: the artists are asking for less talk about the wealth that the Overseas Territories bring to France (it’s been understood for a while…) and more concrete: and Chantal Loïal from the height of her twenty -seven years at the head of a dance company, added to the experience of the Mois Kreyol Festival, of recounting grievances. More engineering, more production structures and the professionals who go with it to set up files and projects on an administrative and financial level to allow works and shows to travel securely, in better conditions.

And share the points of view of Marie-Pia Bureau, at the head of this Office responsible for supporting artists and Chantal Loïal, both expressing the wish, the wish for 2023 and the following years, that the situation changes quickly and that this working day does not remain, like so many others, a dead letter.

Chantal Loïal and Marie-Pia Bureau to listen to in The Ear is boldit’s this way !

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The festival Month Kreyolfestival of Creole languages ​​and cultures, continues until February 7 in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana.

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PODCAST. Chantal Loïal and Marie-Pia Bureau: improving the dissemination of artists from the Overseas Territories – Outre-mer la 1ère

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