Playlist – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Julien Doré, Ozzy Osbourne, Miles Davis… What are the records to listen to this fall?

Back to school is synonymous with traffic jams of discographic releases. This playlist in ten chapters takes stock of the albums to listen to.

Just six months later Unlimited lovethe funk titans are already back with Return of the dream canteenwhich comes out this Friday.

And it’s a great surprise. More varied, more rhythmic than its predecessor, the album is filled with explosive hits, like Tippa my tongue and peace and love.

The six big reissues of the giants of pop and rock

2/ Ozzy Osbourne

The former Black Sabbath singer is diminished by illness, but artistically he is not dead. The proof with Patient number 9thirteenth solo album which does not deceive on the goods.

With Ozzy, we listen to old-school melodic hard-rock, with memorable choruses and heroic solos.

Black Sabbath: “No one played the same music as us”

At the same time, Black Sabbath announces the reissue, for November 4 and 18, of two landmark albums from the 80s: heaven and hell and Mob Rules, with rare bonus tracks. Two essential discs for all those who love heavy-metal.

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NL 5

Fifty years ago (and some dust), Black Sabbath invented heavy-metal

3/ Oliver Sim

Within the trio The XX, Oliver Sim is the most discreet. But it is not the least exciting. The singer makes his solo debut with the magnificent hideous bastard. A masterpiece of modern electro-pop, always on the edge between euphoria and melancholy.

What if Animals was Pink Floyd’s hidden masterpiece?

4/ Miles Davis

Died more than thirty years ago, the famous trumpeter remains an unsurpassable reference for several generations of jazzmen. But the new box dedicated to him, That’s What Happened 1982-1985, tackles a less known and much less appreciated period: the 80s.

Playlist: twenty psychedelic “trips” to escape

Purists have always criticized Miles Davis for incorporating synthetic sounds into his music for purely commercial reasons. This is undoubtedly true, but the titles gathered here, in particular those captured during a concert in Montreal, show that he had not lost his genius.

5/ Slipknot

In 1999, a group of masked musicians, who look like they’ve come straight out of a horror movie, take the world by storm with brutal music that appeals to teens everywhere. Their name: Slipknot.

Playlist: those hits from the 2000s that you (perhaps) forgot

In 2022, and it must be admitted that it is a surprise, the group is still standing and more popular than ever. The End, so farwon’t win the hearts of those with big sound allergies, but fans will love these twelve songs, faithful to the unique style of the Americans, but with some significant changes.

6/ Motorhead

It bears repeating: Motörhead is an underrated band. The trio, led by the indescribable bassist Lemmy Kilmister, turned popular music upside down by going back to basics: rock’n’roll. Obviously, they did it their way, with an energy that seemed inexhaustible.

From Miles Davis to Motörhead: five essential reissues to celebrate the summer

The album reissued these days, iron fist (1982), is not their best, but it still offers some memorable titles, like Loser, go to helland the anthem iron fistoften played in concert.

Essential bonuses (unreleased, rare or live tracks) accompany this electrifying rediscovery.

Motörhead: “We were anti-establishment”

7/ Abel Selaocoe

This is THE discovery of the new school year. This South African cellist has just released a breathtaking debut album, which opens up new perspectives in music. And it’s not that common!

Playlist: when rock borrows from jazz (and vice versa)

where is home is at the crossroads between several currents that rarely meet: classical music, African tradition and jazz. You have to hear it to believe it!

8/ Julien Doré

Since he was sworn to The Voice Kids, Julie Doré has reached a new level of notoriety. His last tour, which ends in December, is almost sold out.

premium Julien Doré, juror of The Voice Kids: “I no longer need to hide”

The album released exclusively on vinyl, before loveoffers primitive versions of tubes like We, Fever Where Barracuda. An interesting gateway into the creative “kitchen” of the singer.

9/ Magma

It’s absolutely amazing to see that in 2022 a band like Magma still exists. Born in the years when everything – even the greatest musical madness – seemed permitted, the French orchestra, led with an iron fist by drummer Christian Vander, publishes a Kartehl still unique and completely indescribable.

premium Bernie Bonvoisin, singer of Trust before his concert in Chartres: “Like many artists, I could concentrate on my little misery, but I don’t”

10 / Gael Horellou

The French saxophonist has released some of the finest jazz albums of recent years. But unfortunately, it is discreetly. We can hope that the sparkling Dalonaz changes the situation.

Look up! A playlist to look up to the stars

The record mixes the jazz tradition inherited from the 1950s with the sounds of maloya, a music from Reunion Island with dancing and hypnotic rhythms. To discover.

Remi Bonnet

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Playlist – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Julien Doré, Ozzy Osbourne, Miles Davis… What are the records to listen to this fall?

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