Playlist – From Kim Wilde to Tears for fears… the eternal return of the 80s

It’s 2022, but sometimes it feels like we’re still living in the 80s. The culture of that decade, shrouded in nostalgia, is now everywhere.

Just turn on Netflix to find episodes of Stranger Thingsa series that recycles very generational references, Goonies to Alien Passing by Dungeons and Dragons.

In music, it’s the same. The old glories are making a comeback, discs that we thought were forgotten are resurfacing, often with enormous success.

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At the same time, new artists, who weren’t even born in the 80s, are incorporating these vintage sounds into their music. We take stock of this trend with the weekend playlist.

1. Tears for Fears

80s veterans, known for hits like Shout Where Everybody wants to rule the world, return after almost two decades of absence. The result : The tipping pointa new album that strikes the balance between vintage production and modern sounds.

premium Tears For Fears release their new album: “The peak of our career was when I was the least happy”


In 1981, this British duo had a delirious success with Tainted Love, number 1 all over the world. But the group’s career has never really been easy: separations and reformations have followed one another for more than thirty years.

Jean-Pierre Mader: “We are part of the heritage”

This time it’s the right one. Soft Cell has just announced the release, on May 6, of its first album in twenty years, Happiness not included. To make the fans wait, the very dark Bruises on my illusions has just been launched as a scout.

3. Kim Wilde

No new album for the British, but a triple vinyl, Pop don’t stop. This compilation presents the hits that made a whole generation dance. Kids in America, cambodia, You Keep Me Hangin’ On… Everything you need to revise your classics.

Kim Wilde: ‘I understand people’s attachment to the 80s’

4.Sheena Easton

She performed a James Bond theme (For your eyes only in 1981), broke all sales records for a short time, and yet, it fell completely into oblivion. Sheena Easton returns with the reissue of one of her albums, A Private heaven (1984).

Sharleen Spiteri, from the group Texas: “Let me come to France! »

A record very anchored in its time, with ubiquitous synths and a very mechanical drum sound. This is an opportunity for nostalgics and novices alike to (re)discover addictive titles like strute Where Sugar Wallswritten by Prince himself!

5. Fishbach

Granted, the enigmatic singer was born long after the 80s. lyrical. His second album, With the eyeswas released this Friday, and it’s a marvel.

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Remi Bonnet

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Playlist – From Kim Wilde to Tears for fears… the eternal return of the 80s

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