Pirelli Scorpion Race. New tires for DH and Enduro

Scorpion Race DH and EN born from the collaboration between Pirelli and Fabien Barel, three times world champion and seven times national champion of DH. The new line, available from the beginning of 2023, is the result of a design, prototyping, testing, feedback and field validation process that has lasted almost two years.

The new Scorpion Race DH and EN tires have already been tested by Pirelli test staff and, since 2021, in competition by Pirelli-sponsored athletes on the EWS (Enduro World Series) and UCI WORLD CUP DH circuits, and they arrive to market with four new tread designs, two new carcass types and a new compound designed specifically for racing use.


Unlike the SmartGRIP compound, which was created for “all-round” use with more balanced properties, this new compound SmartEVO DH It is designed to offer performance in competition. It offers high chemical adherence and adequate mechanical support at high speeds. Both the static and dynamic parameters have been adjusted to increase safety and the feeling of control under braking and cornering, considering predictability and limit management as key development parameters: the perception and overcoming of the grip limit and the ability to control skidding have been considered as important factors as absolute grip.

Pirelli Scorpion Race on Canyon CLLCTV bike

SmartEVO DH is born from the combination of two layers of composites: an ultra-soft compound (42 Shore A*) for the entire outer tread, intended to provide chemical grip over a wide range of temperatures and to absorb vibrations at high frequencies, and a support compound under the tread, which must provide mechanical support for the studs and absorb major shocks. It has also sought to reduce rolling resistance, a key factor when racing against the clock.


As usual with all Pirelli Scorpion MTB tyres, the new Race tires take the type of terrain into account. M, T, S and MUD are the four specific tread designs that have been developed.

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH M LowRes

tread M (Mixed Terrain – Mixed terrain) is the most versatile of the range. Its design is suitable for mixed terrain, from bike park routes, to harder surfaces, passing through the brush sections. It has homogeneously distributed studs, with dimensions and heights studied to generate an optimal driving sensation in a wide range of conditions.

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH T LowRes

Tread tread (Traction – Tracción) offers a higher mechanical grip in all situations in which the block must penetrate the ground and presents a high and reinforced front surface both for braking and for cornering. The studs are spaced out and aggressive, and feature a center stripe that’s designed to be cut. In fact, when the terrain conditions are intermediate or the mud needs to be expelled more quickly, it is possible to cut the central lug to make the tire more directional and optimize its behavior on softer terrain. This is a unique feature of this type of tyre, the result of testing by the Pirelli factory team, including Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli DH and Italian Rogue Racing.

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH S LowRes

The S tread design (Soft Terrain – Soft terrain) is intended instead for soft and sinking terrain, such as sandy and clay soils, or loose soil and weeds, but is also capable of dealing with more compact sections of track, such as with roots and rocks. It is characterized by the highest and most spaced studs.

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH MUD LowRes

The tread MUD, specific for the Scorpion Race DH, is characterized in particular by having high and widely spaced studs, designed to be cut if necessary and depending on the type of mud and track. Made for specific downhill use, the Scorpion Race DH MUD is available only in size 2.4, best suited for optimal grip and control in extreme mud.


In designing the structures of the new tyres, Pirelli has taken into account, in addition to the terrain, many other variables identified in the tests carried out by Barel. This is where the DualWall+ and DualWall cases are born.

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH T DualWall+ casing LowRes

DualWall+ is the specific casing for DH and Enduro Racing. It is a 60 tpi full double-ply to which is added a rubber insert to reinforce the heel area and an external fabric layer to stabilize the sidewall of the tire. Ideal for aggressive riding, it is designed to offer superior protection against cuts and punctures, and maximum stability at high speeds, as well as to absorb vibrations and sudden impacts.

Pirelli Scorpion Race EN M DualWall casing LowRes

Specific for Enduro and in general for lighter riders, the casing Dual Wall it’s a race-ready casing more geared towards smoothness and pedaling ability. Consisting of a 120 tpi double-ply, also in this case reinforced with a rubber insert in the heel area like its DH sister, it saves around 150 g of weight compared to the DualWall+ and offers greater smoothness and bearing. This has also been field tested by Canyon CLLCTV Dainese and Theory Racing riders, who have taken it to the track in EWS testing.

“Completing the Scorpion line reinforces our offer in the mountain bike segment, which is experiencing significant growth”, has affirmed Matteo Barbieriresponsible for Pirelli Cycling. “Our range of tires covers all the main types of use, from on-road to off-road, with solutions for professionals and amateurs looking for high technology, performance and safety. In addition, we are proud that important teams and great champions of this sport, such as Fabien Barel, have collaborated with our technicians and collaborators to make these tires”, Barbieri has concluded.

Pirelli Scorpion Race FABIEN BAREL @Mirrormedia.art 3374 Canyon CLLCTV

“Working with Pirelli has been exciting and we are very satisfied with the result”, has commented Fabien Barell. “Having access to Pirelli’s extensive technical knowledge and research and development capacity is something that has attracted me from the beginning of the project. The testing tools and commitment of the company have allowed me to explore new solutions, I would say almost without limits. Pirelli’s approach is a “Design, Prototype, Test, Iterate” approach, which has involved hours and hours of 3D modeling to build and produce multiple prototypes of a single tire model. After the theoretical phase came the testing phase, carried out both in the laboratories and on the ground with the Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli DH team. It has been a long and painstaking job, but I am very proud of the results. In gravity, even a small performance upgrade can turn the rankings around and take a rider from anonymity to victory. I like to think that the work done with Pirelli can be used to put a cyclist, whether professional or amateur, on the podium. It will be a bit as if I were there. Again.”

“When we decided to enter the gravity segment, with the ambition to develop tires capable of winning the World Cup, we looked not only for an expert racer, but for an authentic and true guide to the development process, from the laboratory to the terrain. of competition. Fabien’s profile was perfect as well as unique as Barel is not only a DH rider, but also has an engineering background – the perfect link between the athletes and our R&D department.” has commented Samuel BressanHead of Global Marketing for Pirelli Cycling. “The tests are constant depending on the way we work, but when it came time to make the decisions, Fabien’s experience was essential to achieve the final result”, Bressan concluded.


New tires will be available from early 2023 with the following suggested retail prices:

Scorpion Race Enduro M 27.5 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race Enduro M 29 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race Enduro S 27.5 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race Enduro S 29 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race Enduro T 27.5 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race Enduro T 29 x 2.5: €89.90

Scorpion Race DH M 27.5 x 2.5: €84.90

Scorpion Race DH M 29 x 2.5: €84.80

Scorpion Race DH S 27.5 x 2.: €84.90

Scorpion Race DH S 29 x 2.5: €84.90

Scorpion Race DH T 27.5 x 2.5: €84.90

Scorpion Race DH T 29 x 2.5: €84.90


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Pirelli Scorpion Race. New tires for DH and Enduro

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