Paulo Londra and a hilarious anecdote involving Ed Sheeran in a Los Angeles bowling alley

Several years ago paulo londra established a relationship with Ed Sheeran that transcends the strictly labor. “Thousands of times he asks me how I am and what’s up with my music, I can’t believe it,” revealed the Cordovan about his colleague in dialogue with Bebe Contepomi in telenoche.

One of the funniest moments of the talk was when he recounted how his British friend, winner of four Grammy awards, It was key for them to let him into a club in Los Angeles.

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“We were with a friend trying to get into a nightclub and we had no money. So I tell him ‘I’m going to talk to the patova’. I don’t know much English, but I show him my Instagram and I tell him that I have a song with Ed Sheeran, ”he started counting between laughs. And he added: “So I told him that he lets me pass for free.”

Paulo London with Ed Sheeran. (Photo: Telenoche Capture)
Paulo London with Ed Sheeran. (Photo: Telenoche Capture)

In another passage of the talk, Bebe shows the musician a photo in which he poses with the singer of “Perfect” and asks how it feels to be so close to him. And, without hesitation, Londra referred to the image in question and replied: “That’s my face to be able to tell my daughter: ‘that’s your dad, he was with Ed Sheeran'”.

How Ed Sheeran and Paulo Londra’s collaborations came to be

In July 2019, Ed Sheeran Y paulo londra presented “nothing on you”, a track included in No.6 Collaborations Project. The Argentine traveled to London to film his corresponding video.

Three years later, when he managed to leave behind the legal conflicts and publish new material, the Cordovan artist did not hesitate to summon the British for a new collaboration: “Novel Night”.

Paulo Londra came to work together with the British Ed Sheeran.
Paulo Londra came to work together with the British Ed Sheeran.

“I heard that You can go back to making music. I can’t wait to hear your new stuff. I think she is one of the most talented people and a great human being. This is something uncommon in the music industry,” said Ed Sheeran, in an interview with the violaat the end of last year.

He added: “I had a lot of fun working with him. It was a shame that she couldn’t make music in all this time. I think his fans have been waiting for this moment and he is going to have a lot of support in his comeback.” And finally, he highlighted: “Yes. I love him too much. If you want to do a song or several, I’m here”.

Paulo Londra previewed his next album: “It’s a hodgepodge, I have all the faith”

Paulo Londra already has his next album ready. Although there is still no release date, the Cordovan told Bebe Contepomi some details of the album that his fans are waiting for so much.

“The new album is on the way”, he told him before confessing that it was a very personal job: “I told myself that I had been doing things that people liked. And I asked myself what I would like to do. I wanted to surprise, go with things that were not typical and it came out great”.

When talking about doing something different, Paulo refers to the versatility of genres with which he explores in this new work and that, without a doubt, surprised his audience, just as he intended.

Look at the complete interview of Telenoche with Paulo Londra. (Photo: Paulo Londra Press)

Regarding this new search, Bebe asked: “When I heard ‘Plan A’ I said ‘This guy is crazy’. He appears as Paulo Londra with his musical genetics but with a band and rock, punk and his label. Why did you decide to come back with that?” and Paulo confirmed that he had always liked punk rock and that he came without exploring it because he didn’t stop. And that’s how he also dabbled in a cumbia, a bossa nova, a reggaeton. “It’s a hodgepodge”he concluded.

One of the great unknowns of this release is the number of songs that make it up and, obviously, its name. True to her style, Bebe took advantage of this intimate encounter to ask her and of course she got the answer to these questions that everyone asks.

“The album is called Back To The Game and I’m going to release six more songs than the ones I already released. I have all the faith there”he clarified enthusiastically. The songs he released in the last year are: parties in the neighborhood next to Duki; novel night with ed sheeran; Juliet; Lights; Foggy; Chance and Plan A.

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Paulo Londra and a hilarious anecdote involving Ed Sheeran in a Los Angeles bowling alley

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