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Santana 27, Bilbao
May 21, 2022
Text and photos: Pedro Alonso

Last night the devoted parish of Spanish classic heavy attended a historic event. The first concert of panzer in Bilbao throughout his career and the last of Red Baron in the town if they remain faithful to the motto of the ‘farewell tour’ that presides over the posters of their performances. A word that has been misrepresented to the extreme by other big names in hard rock and heavy metal and that today not many fans take too seriously.

The pandemic categorically interfered with the plans for the dismissal of Red Baron in 2020. That desire to unify the band’s 40th anniversary with a final goodbye had to be put on hold, as was the entire live music business. The climax planned in the WiZink Center Madrid in December 2020 was postponed for a year and was held with less pomp than expected, immersed in the midst of the sixth wave of the pandemic after the emergence of ómicron.

Once the restrictions against the virus are relaxed as far as concerts are concerned, Red Baron is taking advantage of 2022 to spread its wings and execute the live program that was left in limbo in 2020. The legendary heavy metal band currently has performances scheduled until the end of December, including a tour of the United States next month. June and another for Latin America in the fall.

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The wisdom of inviting panzer could be verified from the row that awaited the opening of doors of Santana 27. A good part of the attendees had yet to see a band that shone in the eighties and later completely dissolved, although it has been reactivated intermittently in recent decades.

Two posters of ‘Al Pie Del Cañón’ and ‘Toca Madera’ with the legendary grandmother Ángeles adorned the scene when the people from Madrid burst in with three of the original members: vocalist Carlos Pina, bassist Fernando Díaz-Valdés and drummer Rafael Ramos. Guitarist Miguel Ángel ‘Cachorro’ López completed the group.

Without further ado they charged with Knock on wooodtheir most recognizable classic, which they linked with another anthem; rock god. Carlos Pina himself confirmed that it was the first concert of panzer in Bilbao before boarding Plastic Gallons. Many points were clear from the beginning. Carlos Pina showed that he continues to maintain the color of a completely recognizable voice with which he stood out on the four studio albums they released in the eighties. The band sounded clear, leaving part of the protagonism of the show in its guitarist, who contorted himself nonstop.

The fans raised their fists and chanted loudly. There is no one to stop us and a very widespread Old dog. Pina eliminated the silences between songs by singing a cappella and capturing the attention of the fans. One of the most emotional moments came with Next to youone of the great ballads of Spanish heavy.

Dance of Death caught more than one off guard, since Carlos announced it as panzer. Her characteristic choirs gave way to Blood Knights Already in the final stretch. And now yes panzer It served as the climax to a performance of just over 50 minutes, which tasted like little. A couple more songs would have rounded off a concert that pleased a good part of the fans, who had managed to see a band that rubbed shoulders with the greatest of Spanish heavy, but unfortunately did not achieve the same fame.

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A crowded Plaza Nueva in the middle of Aste Nagusia in 1989 with the original line-up on the tour of stubborn and supported by Blue blooda small but enthusiastic concert in the Masustegi neighborhood in 1994 with fans hanging from the stage or his performance on the Botica Vieja esplanade in Deusto in 2007 on a rainy night that was immortalized live From Baron To Bilbao… These are just some of the ties that unite Red Baron with Bilbao, a city that could not be left out of his farewell tour.

Last night they even left earlier than planned when it was still ten minutes before nine o’clock, although it was still bright outside. Secret weapon was in charge of triggering the hostilities, linked by the first classic; Brother of Rock & Rolland by Ali-Baba and the Forty of the Challenge. In the first part of the concert Red Baron He wanted to value the songs that belong to his last three decades, his longest stage and the one that began when they separated their path from that of Sherpa and Hermes Calabria.

It was not easy to predict the repertoire during the first hour of the concert, where they chained solitary confinement with Whatever it takes, Lethal Inheritance and Invulnerable. Less seasoned fans in the band got a bit lost with Borders Y The King of Pinball of his tribute to The Who; Tommy Baron.

The group had left on the right foot and with an Armando De Castro unleashed, as is his custom. Of course he is not ready to retire from music. He alternated the lead at the microphone with his brother Carlos, whose voice was in better condition than in some concerts before the pandemic. As a negative point, a too saturated sound, sometimes messy, that weighed down his proposal.

The flowers of Evil It was a clear turning point in the concert, which from that moment entered the classic phase that a large part of the audience longed for. Lost cause was one of the great moments of the night before the hymns Long life to rock and roll Y Concert for them. They praised the Italian composer Vittorio Monti with Czardas as an introduction to They are like ants. So they already had the audience in their pocket when they bet on another winning horse: Rockers Go To Hell.

They went into the dressing room to go out again to the rhythm of With Dirty Boots in which they inserted Born To Be Wild. The slide guitar de Armando excelled in Satanic Plan (Brutal Volume) and the party exploded with Steel ropes and sons of caintwo songs from In A March Place that supposed a zenith in the farewell of Red Baron in Bilbao. Armando’s energy contrasted with a more leisurely Carlos and that in the final part of the show he had more difficulties singing. Of course, from time to time he attracted attention with some surprising shouts. Bassist José Luis Morán was also very active.

They did not loosen the piston with the forcefulness of I will resistcompleting an extensive review of his masterpiece; gross volume (1982). The clamor did not stop, but he did lower himself to enjoy you are always there in what clearly seemed like the end of their concert. But no, they still went back on stage to celebrate to the rhythm of Red Baron and to surprise with City Girl, that very few would have chosen as the closing theme in Bilbao.

In total about two and a half hours of a good concert by Red Baron only clouded by the sound. A varied repertoire in which a good part of their essentials were not lacking, although the band’s legacy is so great that each follower will surely miss some of their favorites.

As can be seen in his Web page, the band still has an extensive and international itinerary ahead of them in the remainder of 2022. It remains to be seen when their last definitive flight will be. Whatever decision they make, what is clear is that the classics they leave behind, especially those recorded by the original line-up in the eighties, will last forever.


Secret weapon
Brother of Rock & Roll
Ali-Baba and the Forty
solitary confinement
Whatever it takes
Lethal Inheritance
The King of Pinball
The flowers of Evil
Lost cause
Long life to rock and roll
Concert for them
They are like ants
Rockers Go To Hell

With Dirty Boots
Satanic Plan (Brutal Volume)
Steel ropes
sons of cain
I will resist
you are always there

Red Baron
City Girl


Knock on woood
rock god
Plastic Gallons
There is no one to stop us
Old dog
Next to you
Dance of Death
Blood Knights

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Panzer and Barón Rojo, first concert and last flight in Bilbao | Metal Journal

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