Pancho Valdes on the influence of Disclosure: “It was the first trigger to arm Valdes”

Since March, indie today is the ally of Selector Radio Argentina, the weekly show that serves as a showcase for new UK music – from both established and emerging artists. Produced in London by the British Council and broadcast in more than 33 countries, Selector Radio features interviews, live sessions and recommendations from some of the most innovative artists on the British scene.

In it most recent episode of the program hosted by Maxi Martina Y danila saieg was invited Pancho Valdessinger of the Cordovan electronic pop duo valdes, made up with his brother Eduardo. The band burst onto the Cordoba scene in 2016 with the release of their first self-titled album, which was later followed by Grey (2018) and Postcard (2020).

Two years ago, the duo released the EP V-side (Postal Remixes) and more recently the singles “Volver a casa” (2022) and “When everything turns off” ft. Ca7riel (2022). Taking advantage of his presence on the program, Pancho talked about what was coming for Valdes and, as is customary in Selector, he told who were the British artists who influenced his musical formation. Without hesitation, the artist mentioned Disclosure:

“There are a lot of British bands that have come through our lives, that have influenced us since we were kids…. Phil Collins, The Beatles, Queen. But specifically there is one that is the main influence of Valdes from the first album, which is Disclosure, an electronic music duo who are also two brothers, just like us. Listening to their music, seeing how they made sung electronic songs enchanted us. Even seeing the show live, the two of them alone banking a concert, served as a reference for putting together our show as a duo and going out to play, traveling alone. That was the first trigger to arm Valdes”.

Asked about the duo’s song that he likes the most, the singer referred to a composition that, according to him, represents the spirit of his musical project: “If I had to choose a song that I love from them, it’s one that is not on an album, you have to look for it on a B-side, it’s called ‘Molecules’. It’s a great song and it has that party spirit that influenced us“. valdes is preparing what will be the release of his new album, although at the moment they cannot reveal a release date. What is known is that it will be released this year and will have a presentation tour.

This week’s episode of Selector Radio features what’s new from artists like lynks -London artist who calls himself a “masked drag freak”-, Folly Group -post punk and electronic quartet-, honeyglaze -South London trio- and Akemi Fox R&B singer from Manchester. In addition, the Selector Check of the week is Surya SenBritish-Bengali producer and rapper whose musical style ranges between hip hop and house.

Listen to the new installment of Radius selector on Spotify by clicking this link. Every Monday, a new episode.

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Pancho Valdes on the influence of Disclosure: “It was the first trigger to arm Valdes”

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