Paco Amoroso goes from trap to electronic pop: “There was little left of that Paquito”

By the time he returned to the stage in December 2021, loving paco He hadn’t played live in almost two years. The Argentine musician, one of the most interesting figures on the urban and pop scene in recent years, had seen how the pandemic – just like what happened to a whole young generation of movida artists – stopped a rise in music in its tracks. top at accelerated speed.

At some point, in all that long period without shows, Paco felt that everything was fine, that perhaps he could get used to living like this. But then he returned to music hand in hand with a new artistic stage, which finds him without his partner CA7RIEL. And then he turned the urge.

“I had forgotten what it was like to play live and receive that energywhich was a very important part of the gasoline I had before, what kept me going was the madness that happened when it was played live”, he says from the screen of his phone, in a chat with El País.

“And now coming back is a shock.”

Paco Amoroso (Ulysses Warrior28 years old) is back because at the end of 2021 he launched his first solo album, SAETA, a meeting of electronic pop songs with which he changes his skin and puts music on the dance floor. Next month she will present it in Montevideo, on February 4 at La Trastienda; tickets are on sale at Abitab (only for vaccinated).

In a pandemic, Paco sank into a state of, he says, “artistic demotivation”, until last year he managed to “vomit” an album. For that it was necessary to be locked up and later, when the panorama began to open up, it was necessary to leave. Between the night, the clandestine outings, the parties with friends, the singer absorbed a soundtrack that he later decided to transfer to an album. He took music from the club to the studio, and brought it back to the world in the form of a personal and enjoyable piece of record.

In ARROW, somehow linked to his roots as a drummer to put emphasis on the rhythm, the primal pulse, and run away from the path he had explored with his first solo songs, “Mi Deseo” and “Las Vegas”. About that, he explains: “One of the producers of the album is Maxi (Sayes), the drummer of my show, and with him I could get very picky, go detail by detail of some drum sounds and the audio that perhaps I did not give before. for that. And by doing it with him, at home, from scratch, with other aspirations, I was able to go back to the drumming past, and on songs like ‘Switch’ or ‘Chinga Sport’ it’s quite noticeable”.

The other big change on this album goes through his voice, without traces of, let’s say, “old” loving pacothat of the deformed trap with punk reminiscences that gave him international visibility together with CA7RIEL.

“Before I didn’t care about anything, I had nothing to lose with the music and I didn’t care what the songs said, nothing. I had no idea what was going on,” she acknowledges. “And I think that at one point I started to care too much and that’s a bit what happened, in the sense that before I was able to try to rhyme funny, trivial things, and now a lot of personal things happened to me that I tried to dump them ”.

So ARROWwhich is a partying and at the same time somber album —“they are sad songs and the goal was that no one is really sad”, he explains—, has both transformation and opening and relief.

“It is always in my nature to change and go for something new, it comes out like this”, he assures loving paco. “Now I’m out of my comfort zone, which was perhaps jumping and screaming and being the craziest on stage. And I don’t know, I feel like (laughs) Of that Paquito little is left now. But the enjoyment on stage is more or less the same, and in the people I notice the same joy. It could be said that he is the same Paquito, but with another skin ”.

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Paco Amoroso goes from trap to electronic pop: “There was little left of that Paquito”

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