Outlook. Tarjetazo: most reliable ally for concerts

Estéreo Picinic, Karol G, Miley Cyrus, Rosalía, Dualipa, Coldplay, Daddy Yankee, Guns n’ Roses… and the list goes on.

These are just a handful of the concerts that have been held in Colombia this year, with world-class artists and some that Jorge Gómez has attended in these ten and a half months of 2022. And they are still missing.

The truth is that Jorge is not among the people who earn the most in this country and that they will be taxed with the tax that is coming. On the contrary, he is part of a large number of Colombians whose monthly income is not fixed. So how do you go to concerts whose tickets cost between $100,000 and $1,000,000?

The answer is easy: your credit card.

“I’m almost full. The truth is, I haven’t used it for anything other than going to concerts”, this 30-year-old man tells us who, luckily for him, has no major expenses. “I live with my mom and I don’t have children, that’s why it’s enough for me,” he says with a laugh.

The other advantage is that he has a well-defined taste and has not spent money on other artists who have also set foot on Colombian soil this year.

Ricardo Arjona, Marc Anthony, Christian Nodal, Ana Gabriel, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Andrés Calamaro, Cuarteto de Nos, Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra, Wisin y Yandel, Vetusta Morla, Demi Lovato, Festival Cordillera (Maná, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Café Tacvba, Draco Rosa, Julieta Venegas), among others, are some of the events that he has missed.

“I wish I could go to all of them, but I have to save for the ones I don’t have,” says Jorge. In his calendar there are two concerts well marked in red: Harry Styles and Bad Bunny.

On credit

The truth is that, like Jorge, many Colombians are accessing credit to attend these events.

And it is not only about the use of the credit card as a payment method to more easily access the ticket purchase. Payment terms have been extended.

Miguel Caballero, general director of Coliseo Live and Taquilla Live, the largest multipurpose stage in Latin America and recently opened in Bogotá, tells us about the most used form of payment to attend the events held there.

“A lot of credit is being seen in this issue. We at Box Office Live have sold over half a million tickets in the last six months and you see lots and lots of credit. Six, eight, ten installments; people want to spend, people want to see their artists,” the businessman tells EL NUEVO SIGLO.


For the director, the high prices recently seen in many events are due to the limited capacity of the stages that existed.

When there are scenarios with the latest technology and the capacity to accommodate more people in better conditions, prices go down.

“I think that prices will be adjusted next year. It remains to be seen what happens to the dollar, but we easily expect 60-90 events next year. This with corporate, musical, family, sports events, of all kinds. About one every three or four days,” he explains.

That is why the Coliseo Live has come to generate more and better competition on the events stage. “Our large capacity helps promoters to have a more affordable price, a stage with 10,000 people is not the same as one where you can accommodate 20,000 people, so the average cost per person goes down, which gives all promoters a chance to sell much lower tickets,” said the businessman.

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Economic cycle

Without a doubt, this tidal wave of artists and events that have arrived in Colombia in 2022 is due to an economic cycle of growth. In that case, the health of a national economy could be compared with the quantity and quality of artists who come to give their show.

For Miguel Caballero, it is a more than certain relationship. “What I see is that we are still living a post-pandemic effect, where our youth were locked up for a long time and we came out desperate for entertainment and to live. I think next year we’re going to start to see a bit of a retraction to the high demand we have for events. But at the same time it is supply and demand, so if the demand goes down, the prices should also go down in all the ticket offices of the events that come next year”, he explained to this newspaper.


The truth is that one of the reasons to fill stadiums is that there are stadiums to fill. And, in addition to people who want to attend, with quality settings that allow us to offer a great Show.

The new Colosseum Live is one of them. “Our audience is huge, it can hold more than 20,000 people and it is the first world-class stage in the country and in much of South America. Due to the technical specifications: it has a grate that supports more than 100 tons of weight, it has eight loading and unloading docks, which is very important in terms of productivity”, Caballero tells us.

“In the United States almost no event can take more than one day, so it is one after another and they have that world-class infrastructure that allows them to do that and also allows production costs to drop and you can have a more affordable ticket for the consumer. The Coliseo Live is compared with the best in the United States, with the best in the world, completely in acoustics, on the grill, in production; the floor that it has supports more than 4,000 kilos per m2 for the big ones shows: “The monster jam”, “Disney on ice” and things like that. The idea is to bring this type of event, for example, of all kinds, family, sports, corporate, where you can have from 150 people to more than 22,000”, said the director of Coliseo Live.

More and more events

In addition to the concerts, one of the most important upcoming events is that of Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud, two of the best tennis players in the world, which will allow 14,000 attendees to relive the 2022 Roland Garros final, where the Iberian tennis player won , agreeing on a rematch to share with the Colombian public.

The largest multipurpose stage in Latin America was selected to host the sporting match between the champion of 22 Grand Slams and the number 3 in the world in the ATP ranking, who will face each other on a professional court designed for this game and which will have the technical specifications required by the standard to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Marcelo Arangio, operational director of Fenix ​​Entertainment Group, the company responsible for the event, revealed that the players will have a varied agenda during their visit, in which they will share sports, gastronomic experiences and a night of partying to which Rafa Nadal invited all Colombians. from the official account of the event on Instagram: @NadalvsRuud_Col. Starting October 20, 2022, tickets will be available at Box Office Live.

“Hello to all the Colombian people. It’s been many years since I’ve visited your country and having the opportunity to be with all of you is a great joy. So I hope that we all spend a very special day together and enjoy good tennis. I send you a very strong hug ”, Nadal highlighted in his greeting to the fans.

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Outlook. Tarjetazo: most reliable ally for concerts

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