Orelsan and Angèle would have recorded a song together?

Big surprise! Orelsan and Angèle might surprise you! The two artists are working together on a brand new project!

A featuring between Orelsan and Angèle, is it possible? The rumors that have been circulating en masse for several weeks have finally been confirmed by the newspaper Le Parisien! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Rumors that make a lot of noise

For years now, fans of Angèle and Orelsan have been asking for a collaboration between the two artists. Their atypical universe could well stick. Indeed, the pop and colorful universe of the Belgian would bring more pep to the gloomy world of the rapper.

The sister of Romeo Elvis has already worked with several rappers like Damso for “Silence”, Swing on “To go away” or even his own brother with “Forget everything”. Three artists who rjoin the spirit of the songs of Orelsan.

So inevitably, fans of the star keep talking about this famous imaginary feat on social networks. But for several weeks, noise from the corridors has been talking abouta piece between the two singers.

Indeed, last October, the Belgian media DH shared the rumor that a title would have been recorded between Angèle and Orelsan. Mouv’ radio hastened to share the info by adding that this song could be present in a film.

We then talk to you about the original soundtrack of the film “Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire”. A film directed by Guillaume Canet, and which should be released on February 1, 2023. Yes! The two singers are indeed in the cast of the feature film.

However, the two celebrities have never confirmed anything. Not even their agents. However, new information confirms these rumors. We tell you everything below!

Angèle and Orelsan: the feat of the year

When she heard these rumours, Angèle confided thatthe press should not be trusted : “What circulates in the press is not always true, it could be, I will remain very evasive on that.”

She had taken the opportunity to praise the talents of Orelsan. According to herhe is a “mega artist” who deserves his success. As for the Casseurs Flowters rapper, he also added that he wanted to work with her:

“My brother doesn’t make music. Pharrell, it’s done, Stromae, it’s done, Gims, it’s done. Only Angèle remains, I believe” he confided to the radio NRJ Belgium. But good news! Noises no longer have the merit of circulating in the corridors…

Know that the newspaper Le Parisien has finally confirmed this information. Indeed, the journalists therefore affirmed that there would be a collaboration between the two artists.

Thus, Angèle appears in the trailer of the series “Never show this to anyone – part 2”. This is then season 2 of the documentary on the singermade by his brother Clément Cotentin.

In this short extract, she is talking about Orelsan. The series will be released on October 13 on Amazon Prime Video. This has had the gift of surprising the fans. From now on, they no longer have any doubt, there will be a collaboration between them.

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Orelsan and Angèle would have recorded a song together?

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