Orange Is The New Black: The Flaritza duo weren’t supposed to exist on the show

Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange Is The New Black, and the writers who work on the show, are used to observing the actors of the series, to shape their characters over the seasons. For example, Lolly Whitehill’s body language stems largely from the habits of actress Lori Petty herself. This is also the case for the respective personalities of Big Boo and Nicky Nichols, who are inspired by actresses Lea DeLaria and Natasha Lyonne. Now let’s talk about the adorable duo formed by Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero) and Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales (Jackie Cruz). In an interview for Galore Mag, the two actresses tell how they gave birth to the duo dubbed shock “Flaritza”, which amuses many fans of the series.

Jackie Cruz said : ” At first, Diane worked more with Elizabeth [Rodriguez, qui interprète le rôle d’Aleida Diaz, la mère de Daya, ndlr] and when they have us finally put in a scene together, Jenji saw the chemistry between [Diane et moi]. She was like, ‘Oh! These girls are awesome together. Diane Guerrero adds: “ Our characters are very similar to us. (…) In season 3, I got angry with you [Jackie] because you left me! (…) We bicker like sisters, but that hasn’t happened since.a long timebecause we got a lot better at communicating. » The two actresses went on to reveal what they admire about each other.

I give her advice on fashion, and I really like the fact that her heart is open to others. says Diane about Jackie. For his part, the interpreter of Flaca replies: “ I think that [Diane] has a lot of talent. In season 4, there is a scene in which we have to show our vulnerability on screen.

The first time we had the opportunity to share this together was when we kissed. It was awesome. People often ask me what my favorite scene is. ThatThis is in my top 3. »

OITNB: The Origin of the “Flaritza Kiss”

Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero enjoy a relatively ambiguous friendship in real life.

During their interview with Galore Mag, Jackie revealed that the “Flaritza kiss” scene in 6e season 2 episode by Orange Is The New Blackis inspired by a moment of flirtation between her and Diane. I grabbed Diane by the buttocks when we were on set shooting. You really have to be careful what you doIyours, because the scriptwriters risk integrating it at series. I teased Diane saying ‘Admit that you dreams to kiss me’ and she was trying to get out of it and say, ‘Oh my God, no! No way’. And they added it in the series. (…) I’m always trying to grab him by the buttocks. I tell him ‘JI know you love it’ and she answers me ‘HASstop, I hate it’. » Slightly embarrassed, Diane responds : “ She hugs me very strangely. (…) it makes me shiver. You hug me like I’m your prom date. »



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Orange Is The New Black: The Flaritza duo weren’t supposed to exist on the show

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