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Last night, Orange is the new black got away for a few hours. Back on Netflix overnight, this short disappearance allows us to talk about this season 7.

Yes, OITNB Season 7 is on the loose “, announced the community manager of France Netflix. Last night, fans of the prison series had the unpleasant surprise of not finding the episodes of the final season ofOrange is the new black, yet released on Friday, July 26 worldwide. The disappointment was immediately felt on the blue bird’s social network: ” Hey I, who was planning to spend my evening in front of… », « Well that’s funnier… Netflix give us back season 7 OITNB “. Fortunately, like Cinderella, the prisoners of Litchfield returned around midnight on the streaming platform.

Orange is the New black politicized

Last Friday, therefore, a page was turned. Orange is the new blackcreated by Jenji Kohan, bowed out after seven seasons. Seven unequal seasons, but the last of which closes the chapter in apotheosis. Some say it was unnecessary. Still, she concludes. Even more, it makes it possible to reflect on incarceration and to approach it on the political level: private prisons (already seen in previous seasons) and detention centers. The issue of illegal immigrants is tackled with its conditions of confinement and its chain trials of women and children alone without a lawyer. In the manner of The Good Fightthe series thumbs its nose at the methods of the Trump administration.

The purpose of incarceration

Another major subject of this seventh season: what is the use of incarceration? And this is Tamika (Susan Heyward), passed from warden to director of the prison, which introduces this fundamental question. Full of optimism, she sincerely believes that this time in detention must be used to help, to raise these women. It is with courses to pass the SAT (the BAC in the United States), restorative justice and animal therapy with the chicken coop that she reorganizes the QHS (high security district). However, utopianism is often put to the test, overtaken by a sad reality. And Tamika takes a slap full of disappointment.

The women ofILONB

The destiny of women. All different and at the same time similar, with prison as a common point. Since 2013, ILONB makes it a point of honor, thanks to flashbacks, to better understand the lives of these women. What was their life like before Lietchfield? What brought them to prison? A great way to humanize the inmates. A way of saying that everyone could be in their situation. This season 7 offers a conclusion to Piper (Taylor Schilling), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Red (kate Mulgrew), Gloria (Selenis Leyva), Maritza (Diana Guerrero), Flaca (Jackie Cruz), Morello (Yael Stone), Pennsatucky (Taryn Lyonne), Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) And the others. Beautiful for some, terribly sad for others. These narrative arcs sometimes bring a little hope and humanity to a world where orange has become the new black.

Orange is the New black season 7since Friday, July 26, on netflix.

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“Orange is the new black”: disappeared, season 7 is back on Netflix – News TV Télé Z

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