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Published on October 06, 2022

OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 U (a SOUR movie) is a documentary/concert film dedicated to singer Olivia Rodrigo, released on March 25, 2022 on the Disney+ platform to strengthen the promotion of her very first album, sour. Somewhat to everyone’s surprise, Olivia Rodrigo has indeed become, in a very short time, a hit girl of the 2020s, the documentary film thus exploring his creative approach and offering some live performances.

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Hi, I’m Olivia Rodrigo says a little girl with a microphone in what appears to be a private video. She exhales, then clarifies: from California “. The title of the film scrolls and the viewer then discovers the young Olivia Rodrigo in 2022, now 19 years old. The documentary therefore explores the composition of his very first album sour composed under the supervision of producer Dan Nigro. This is an album with eleven tracks that relate the emotional consequences of a breakup. In normal life, this is obviously something very hard to live with, but when it also concerns another celebrity, it becomes much more difficult because the whole world – or almost – is watching the situation. become an inexhaustible source of buzz… Decidedly well born, the album sour won three Grammy Awards out of seven nominations, including album of the year alongside big names like Kanye West and Taylor Swift. So of course, many viewers may be surprised to see a film about Olivia Rodrigo so soon, its timing resembling an attempt by her team to keep the album alive as long as possible, just to break a few sales records. .

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Olivia Rodrigo is an American singer, songwriter and actress born on February 20, 2003 in Salt Lake City in the United States. Very quickly, she moved to Los Angeles and landed the role of Paige Olvera, which she held for three years from 2016 to 2019 in the Disney Channel series. Frankie and Paige. After her stop, she continues in another series stamped this time Disney +: High School Musical: The Musical Comedy – The Series. And it’s a boon for her talent as a singer/songwriter since here she has the opportunity to write her very first song, All I Wantand to co-write Just for a Moment with her then-boyfriend (and co-star on the show), Joshua Bassett. At the same time, in 2020, the young actress is definitely on the rise and signs a contract with Interscope Records and Geffen Records and released there on January 8, 2021 his first single, Driver License, song co-written with Dan Nigro. The title quickly became a critical and commercial success, twice breaking the Spotify record for the most streamed song in one day. And it does not stop there since in less than a week, it has recorded no less than 80 million plays, establishing a new record. Spotify ! After two singles including good 4 u, his first album sour releases on May 21, 2021 to a torrent of positive reviews, with the press proving to be unanimous about its quality. Olivia Rodrigo is already seen as a young Taylor Swift, the magazines classifying her at the very least as the new artist of generation Z. The album, it ranks directly in first place in sales!

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Olivia Rodrigo is therefore a very gifted star. And the documentary OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 U (a SOUR film) does not hide to let it be known, sinking into a promotional genre dedicated to the pure fans of the singer. Everything happens a little too quickly in the career of the young first and nothing seems to have to stop her. It must be said that the film, directed by Stacey Lee and lasting 77 minutes, does not quite simply claim to be a documentary on the life of Rodrigo. No relatives or friends (other than her musical collaborators) on the horizon or even a glimpse of her daily life in Salt Lake City before the media explosion she is experiencing. The singer’s only pre-media moment is when she listens to herself on the radio in her car for the first time. The red thread of the documentary is thus very thin and boils down to seeing the young artist accomplish a nostalgic solo road trip, in her vintage sky blue Ford Bronco, from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. It’s actually the same path she traveled many times as a child star, confident that she wrote many of the songs on her album. sour during these round trips. In OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 U (a SOUR movie)she stops at the place where she composed each song to perform a live version, specially rearranged for the film. good 4 ufor example, features Rodrigo singing in the famous western setting of Monument Valley in the desert.

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For someone who recorded her first album when she was a high school student, she seems to be offering a pre-teen version of the album in her album. 21 of Adele, addressing on eleven titles her heartache in all possible forms by highlighting on each of her titles situations evoking her broken heart and the betrayal felt. Rodrigo is the epitome of a pop-rock star in his own right. Just watch how she perform her song Jealousy, Jealousy, grabbing the mic and embracing punk-grunge moves as his five-woman band plays like possessed. There are other highlights, like the ballad Favorite Crime (“ And now every time a siren goes off, I wonder if you’re there, / ‘Cause you know I’d do it again “), which she takes up with her guitar like a group from the 60s, or the song Happier, which she performs while playing the electric piano on her bedroom floor. Between the titles, there are also excerpts of Olivia working in the recording studio with her producer and co-composer, Dan Nigro. These scenes were filmed during the final recording sessions of the album, so the opus does not exactly give an in-depth look at their creative process. The only interesting moment is the one that reveals, five days before the color grading, the final list of tracks: Olivia then wants a slightly more optimistic song that is missing from the album. In 90 seconds, they end up proposing the title Brutal which will be… one of the best pieces of sour.

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Throughout the documentary, Rodrigo talks about his ” devastation “, of the grief she suffered ” who continues to [lui] give “of despair and loneliness and a certain sense of self-mockery” who tells you that you’re not good enough for someone “. These are emotions that resonate through adolescence and, sometimes, throughout life. And that’s how she became an international star… in less than two months! For someone who has just turned 19 and has such a dynamic personality, there is definitely, all the same, a lot, a lot of melancholy in OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 U (a SOUR movie) which, for sure, will remain anecdotal in her budding career, only interesting in the end the pure fans of the singer, ready to accept everything, including the emotional overbidding… Above all, the emotional overbidding!

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