October ‘Charts’ with Sam Smith, d4vd, Oxlade … #2

At the beginning of each month, aficia invites you to dive into the world charts. The goal is to give you a sample of the titles that work the most or that are emerging quickly.

For this new section, we will focus on the charts global, American, French and British. We will refer to the rankings of these countries but also to the performance of the securities on Spotify (very important listening indicator) and Shazam (which makes it possible to identify new trends). We also watch the radio rankings in France and we will escape from time to time in border countries. Place therefore in the rankings of the week from 26/09 to 02/10.

The Billboard Global 200

the Billboard Global 200 is a ranking that was recently created and which includes all sales/downloads as well as all listening on streaming platforms around the world. It is therefore the reference ranking of the world music market. We offer you the top 5 with each new article. This week,

The rest of the top 5 is as follows:

  1. Sam Smith & Kim Petras – Unholy (NEW)
  2. David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – I’m Good (Blue) (+1)
  3. Harry Styles – As It Was (+1)
  4. BLACKPINK – Shut Down (-3)
  5. OneRepublic – I Ain’t Worried

A dull and boring market

Note that the rankings change very little. The market is deeply boring and the variations are minimal. The explosion of streaming pushes for listening repeated much easier, although from time to time it allows the emergence of new artists. As a result, radios are proving to be more and more cautious and therefore take less and less risk. They are content to broadcast the titles that work in streaming. We therefore enter a vicious circle where it is always the same artists who are put forward. Finally, alone TikTok gives a little pep in there, although it is often titles with several years that emerge there. But we still unearthed some small nuggets.

For instance, Bad Bunny ranks another 7 titles from his album Una Verano Sin Ti, yet released in May, in the top 50 of the most listened to titles in the world on Spotify. The certainly very successful “As It Was” of Harry Styles, released more than 6 months ago, is still #3 of this same ranking. Even more obvious, the Billboard Global 200 contains in its top 50 no less than 14 titles that were released more than a year ago, or even several years ago. We find for example “Blinding Lights” or “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd but also “Sweater Weather” of The Neighborhood (2013). The latter has been in constant progression for several months. However, we still unearthed some nuggets in these rankings.

Great starts

The biggest performance of the week is signed Sam Smith with its title “Unholy”, shared with Kim Petras. It’s been a few years since Sam Smith hit the peaks, despite regular title releases. His previous title “Love Me More” had wearing everything to seduce. But we are dealing here with a title of another rank, hyper hard-hitting, resolutely pop and experimental. This success may finally reveal the German singer Kim Petras in the world. The artist offers a sassy, ​​daring and provocative pop, harshly effective.

But let’s get to the numbers. Sam Smith arrives directly at #1 in the British charts, the Billboard Hot 200 and #3 in the USA. “Unholy” is also the most streamed track in the world on Spotify this week. It counts 15 million plays ahead of the second. It is also the 4th most shazame title in the world. In France, it is currently #31 on Spotify and #38 on Shazam.

Discover “Unholy” by Sam Smith & Kim Petras:

The British artist has dislodged another at the top of the rankings across the Channel. In fact, last week was Lewis Capaldi who landed directly #1 there with his “Forget Me” jewel. He is downgraded #3 this week. Despite the song’s relentless success, it hasn’t made big waves in the international charts so far, but it won’t be long. It still made its debut on the radio in France and is #37 in Shazam Monde requests. It is especially in English-speaking countries that it is present in the top 50 Spotify: Ireland #3, New Zealand #30 or Australia #34.

Great discoveries

Here is yet another hybrid artist who takes advantage of his in-depth knowledge of the Internet to emerge. The young d4vd (just 17 years old) offers an indie/alternative sound. He started composing his sounds to illustrate his streamer videos and thus bypass copyrights. It’s finally as if the music were an accident. But the artist finally turns out to be multi-genre on the subtle and delicious, yet chilling “Romantic Homicide”. It is a contemporary ballad between r’n’b (voice) and rock (guitars and delicate drums) very rich and incredibly fresh. Released 3 weeks ago, the track continues to climb the charts. It is #50 (+6) on the Billboard Global 200, #35 on the US charts and #41 (+5) on the UK charts. It is also the 31st most listened to track in the world on Spotify.

Check out “Romantic Homicide” by d4vd:

Since the beginning of summer, Stephen Sanchez is present in the ranking of the most listened to titles in the world on Spotify with its sublime “Until I Found You”. He is currently #29 in the said ranking. While we thought the song was beginning to wear out, it gradually regains strength. The artist has a delicate voice and offers sunny folk-rock sounds. “Until I Found You” is so well done that it seems to have been released years ago with its almost bluesy accents. This revival coincides with the release of the EP Easy On My Eyes a month ago. The title is #55 (+7) on the Billboard Global 200 and #57 (+2) in the United States.

Let’s now take the direction of deep America with Zach Bryan and his piece “Something In The Orange”. It’s very rare to see a country title cross the borders of the USA but this one has something special. The guitar is delicate and soft, taking on electric accents on the choruses. The artist vocally makes us think of the power of Alex Clare or Tom Walker. The ballad takes us directly to the far west of Texas and lets us get lost there. The clipped version is somewhat different from the audio track. It offers a harmonica perfectly in line with the piece. The title has been present for 3 weeks in the British rankings and is now #78 (+6). He is also #49 on the Billboard Global 200 and #23 in the US.

Check out “Something In The Orange” by Zach Bryan:

TikTok, still a hitmaker

TikTok is the lung of the music industry thanks to its choreographed challenges or its trends. Oxlade currently benefits from this but also benefits from the growing interest in Nigerien music. Indeed, Nigeria sent us a plethora of artists from Rema (which is currently a hit with “calm down“) at Burnaboy Passing by Kay. Thereby, “Ku Lo Sa” also benefited from a TikTok trend resuming his choreography. But at the same time, he caused a stir by performing his piece live on the very influential live-show COLORS. Result: the title also explodes around the world. It was first in the United Kingdom that the title broke through. He is currently #27 there. It is also #22 in France (+5) and gains 13 places in terms of radio broadcasting (#45). Finally, it is the 7th most shazamed title in the world and the 2nd in France.

Discover “Ku Lo Sa” by Oxlade:

The Swedish hard rock and metal band Ghost is also taking advantage of his interest on TikTok. However, it is very rare to see hard and metal artists rubbing shoulders with the peaks. Here is the piece “Mary On A Cross”, released in 2019, which is exploding. However, there are no vocal flights on this track. It’s more of a gripping, almost symphonic psychedelic rock ballad. The track is the 42nd most listened to in the world on Spotify (up). It is also the 44th most searched track on Spotify in the world. It is ranked #59 (+6) on the Billboard Global 200 However, “Mary On A Cross” is perhaps at the end of the race since it tumbles 60 places in the British ranking (#95 currently).

And France in all this?

Let’s not pour out on the French charts, these being almost exclusively composed of rap titles. But let’s look instead at radios and Shazam. There is an artist who stands out thanks to Netflix. A few weeks ago the film was released Our Broken Hearts. We follow a young musician who is very ill and without mutual insurance who will operate a sham marriage with a soldier dragging a colossal debt. Marriage out of interest will turn into a love story. Sofia Carson holds the main role and also performs the entire soundtrack, including the title “Come Back Home”. It is a heartbreaking and very sensitive rock ballad that has visibly seduced the French. The piece is the 4th most shazamé in France and, in fact, the radio rotations fly away. The song is currently #13. It gained 72 places in 3 weeks.

Check out “Come Back Home” by Sofia Carson:

imagine Dragons continues its love affair with France. After the success ofbones“, their track “Sharks” is currently #2 in radio rotations with us. It is an exclusively French success for the moment, the group realizing here its best sales of albums. Inevitably, it is the 13th most shazame song in France. It must be said that the song is extremely effective, even more rock than usual. The Scrapbook Mercury Act 1 & 2recently equipped with Act 2, is #15 in album sales in France in its 55th week of operation.

Finally, note that Grand Corps Malade and Leila Bekhti had an exhibition offered by Danse Avec Les Stars last week. Indeed, a duo offered a performance on a title from the album ladies. As a result, their sublime and moving piece “The Meaning of Family” offers itself an entry directly #7 from Shazam requests. We mention it for the simple pleasure of listening to it again.

Discover “The Meaning Of Family” by Grand Corps Malade & Leila Bekhti:

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October ‘Charts’ with Sam Smith, d4vd, Oxlade … #2

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