October 2022 Prescription Lab – My opinion –

I am delighted to meet you again to present the Prescription Lab of October 2022 which I find brilliant. The product selection is complete. The marks present are guns. I really like the sleek aesthetics of the box itself, with this pretty green, this fall’s trendy color. And, icing on the cake, it is a man that we discover on the cover of the Prescriber!

Prescription Lab: never run out of ideas!

Well, you will have understood, the Prescription Lab team has no shortage of ideas to surprise us every month. It’s amazing how she manages to put herself in our place, to imagine what could make us happy in this autumn period. Anyway, hats off! The box conquered me in every way.

October 2022 Prescription Lab – My review

October 2022 Prescription Lab Unveiled

Some like to keep the surprise, others yearn to discover the content. Close your eyes or smile, here’s what the pretty October 2022 Prescription Lab contains.

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La Dew, here I am, here I am

Well, the faithful know how much I love the La Rosée brand. This is the moisturizing cream with organic shea butter that I know very well, that I repurchase regularly and that I recommend with my eyes closed. It is soft, moisturizing, ideal for dry skin that feels tight due to the cold. I like its little gourmet smell, all in discretion. And you’ll have no trouble putting makeup on top of it, its creamy texture doesn’t stick, stays in place. In short, you will love it!

October 2022 Prescription Lab – My opinion
Prescription Lab – October 2022

Expert Regenerate toothpaste

A toothpaste, why not? I tested it, it is nice. Afterwards, it is still too early to tell you if he takes care of my enamel. But at first, I liked using it. I just regret that the tube is so small, but hey, it’s also an opportunity to test the Regenerate brand that I didn’t know.

Qiriness soothing wrap

A safe bet! What can I say except that it is divine? Moreover, do not hesitate to go to the Qiriness official website which offers other wraps in various categories. I like the idea of ​​the one shot. We take 5 minutes to take care of our skin, rid it of its small bacteria. It is composed of 92% ingredients of natural origin. It does not tingle, on the contrary, it leaves the skin soft, without redness.

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A nice selection to discover

P Lab cleansing cream

I think it’s great to discover a P Lab product every month. I am more and more won over by the brand. And this is the first time the team has slipped from this cleansing cream. I found it fabulous! First of all, it doesn’t attack my skin which tends to blush when I clean it. It is surely thanks to its super composition since it is formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin. It also has propolis active ingredients and castor oil rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. In short, I recommend it for dull skin that lacks radiance. Be careful to moisturize your skin behind!

The VeGan tonic lotion

I like tonic waters in the morning when I wake up or when I want to refresh myself during the day. This one is nice even if it did not transcend me. Well, on the other hand, his composition is irreproachable, vegan and cruelty-free. It is true that it has a calming effect, especially on localized redness. Surely chamomile or even aloe will be present in the formulation.

October 2022 Lab Prescription
VeGan tonic water

The Prescriber made beautiful by a man

What a joy to discover a man on the cover of this new issue. Perhaps you know him, since he is the actor, and more recently singer, Nicolas Maury. I loved the interview because it allowed me to discover the man outside of the image I had of him in the Ten percent series. It is singular, sweet, in short, I encourage you to read the article in Le Prescriptor. And of course, many other always very interesting subjects that take us elsewhere for 10 minutes.

1665840696 924 October 2022 Prescription Lab – My opinion
Prescriber coverage

I have great news for you! I have a promo code that will allow you to benefit from your first box at only €9: JETESTE. So, newcomers, it’s now or never to subscribe to discover the future surprises that the Prescription Lab team has in store.

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October 2022 Prescription Lab – My opinion –

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