Nirvana or Guns N’ Roses? Pizza with or without pineapple? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? We play a fun game with Måneskin –

4 October, 2022 7:39 pm
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Måneskin and our colleague Inés Chamil

Måneskin has been one of the leading bands in the number 445 of La Heavywhich is already waiting at newsstands or in our online storewith a great interview conducted by our colleague Ines Chamil during the festival Coca-Cola Music Experienceand in addition to that extensive conversation that has been reflected in the magazine this October, Inés proposed to the Italian band a quick and revealing game to find out the vocalist’s preferences Damien Davidthe bassist Angelis Victorythe drummer Ethan Torchioand the guitarist thomas raggi.

I would like to play with you a game that consists of choosing between two things, in English it is called “Would You Rather”, also at the end there will be a kind of small test, with simple questions. Are you ready?

Pineapple on pizza / No pineapple on pizza:

(All) “Noooo!”
(Victoria) “No, pineapple on the pizza, no.”

“Sacrilege”, we would say here in Spain.

(Ethan) “Sacrilege, Sacrilege!”

Is it the same in Italian?

(V) “Yes, Sacrilege (laughs).”

Nirvana/ Guns N’ Roses

(V) “Nirvana”.
(E) “Too hard. I don’t know, maybe Guns.”
(Thomas) “Guns N’ Roses”.
(Damien) “Nirvana”.

Metallica / Megadeth

(V) “Metallica!”

The four Metallica?

(All) “Yes!”

Elvis Presley / Johnny Cash

(D) “Elvis.”
(V) “Elvis”.
(T) “Elvis.”

Elvis… Perhaps because it is the soundtrack?

(E) “Of course because it’s the soundtrack (laughs).”

Beatles/Rolling Stones

(V) “Hmm, Rolling Stones.”
(D) “Beatles.”
(E) “Impossible to answer. Both.”
(T) “I would say Led Zeppelin (laughs).”

Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin

(D) “Led Zeppelin”.
(V) “Led Zeppelin”.
(T) “Led Zeppelin, of course.”
(E) “I don’t know what to say. I would say both.”
(V) “But you have to choose! That’s what the game is about!”
(E) “But I don’t like this game, it’s too hard to choose!”

Now a question that will bring back memories of when you were teenagers: Tokio Hotel / Jonas Brothers

(V) “Tokyo Hotel!”
(E) “Tokyo Hotel”.
(T) “Tokyo Hotel.”
(D) “I would say Jonas Brothers.”
(V) “I was the number 1 fan of Tokio Hotel, I had my room full of posters”.

My favorite was Bill Kaulitz.

(V) “Of course, Bill.”

Beer or Wine

(T) “Wine.”
(V) “Beer”.
(D) “I would tell you others.”
(E) “Oh, what an aristocrat! I would say wine.”

An Italian band that you recommend

(T) “Afterhours”.
(D) “Bluevertigo.”
(V) “Marlene Kuntz”.
(E) “I would say I Hate my Village.”
(T) “And I would also say Litfiba.”

Song of yours that you think is most underrated:

(AND)Undervalued? We don’t have underrated songs (laughs)”
(V) “I would say “For Your love””.
(T) “I couldn’t tell you…”
(D) “Difficult… “Le Parole Lontane””.
(E) “Yes, “Le Parole Lontane”, I agree.”

Song that you think is the fan favorite:

(V) “Maybe “Coraline”?”
(All) “Yes.”
(V) “Yes, because I think it’s the closest to our fans. And they appreciate it a lot when we make it more sentimental.”

Totally agree!

Song you like to play on stage:

(V) ““I Wanna Be Your Slave””.
(D) “Difficult… I’d say the one on the Elvis soundtrack. It’s really cool.”
(T) “I would say “Lividi sui Gomiti””.
(E) “I would say “Zitti e Buoni””.

Song to which you have a special affection:

(D) “Coraline.”
(V) “Difficult… I would say “Zitti e Buoni””.
(E) “I would say ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave.'”
(T) “From the first album I would say “Le Parole Lontane”, and from the last album, “For Your Love””.

And the most important question of all: Did you like the game?

(All) “No, nothing! (laughs)”
(V) “Awesome! We love games.”
(E) “Yeah, we totally like games a lot.”

Many thanks! Would you like to send a greeting to your MariskalRock fans?

(All) “Of course!”

The greeting can be found at our instagram. Long live Italy!

Måneskin has been one of the bands that have accompanied slipknot and his exclusive interview on the cover of number 445 of La Heavyin which they also await you The Cult, Alter Bridge, The Dead Daisies, The Hu, Noctem or Creedence Clearwater Revival among others. Run to your kiosk or visit our online store so you don’t miss anything.


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Nirvana or Guns N’ Roses? Pizza with or without pineapple? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? We play a fun game with Måneskin –

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