NÎMES The duo Shamrock music shakes up its world and moves the lines – Objectif Gard

NIMES The duo Shamrock music shakes up its world and
The duo in the sun (Photo Duo Shamrock).

Julie and Thomas Eyraud, who make up the duo Shamrockwill perform this Friday, May 20 at 8:30 p.m. at 20 impasse Laennec in the annex of Guy Jean Maggio music school (reception from 8 p.m.). A free concert for a good cause.

Their scrapbook” 7 billions talk about the world around us. This is the one the duo chose to perform this Friday. Among his 13 titles, I am“, a song written in alexandrines or even “ Hell but out“, on the homeless, “The star” on the passion of the star dancers or “ Look at us“, which speaks of the desire of the couple to have children. An atypical duo just waiting to be known: ” We are together in the city as well as on the stage, we have been married since 2007. We met in a Nîmes orchestra, we put together our duo and then we decided to write our songs. We released our first album in 2014. »

A singer-songwriter duo, starting with pop-rock covers of groups such as Muse, AC/DC, U2, Queen, Guns & Roses… then, of course, original compositions. ” Our first album is in English because it was strongly influenced by everything we heard when we were younger, especially the rock of our childhood. Julie comes from a classical background which brings to the harmonizations of the voices beautiful flights. Our album released in 2021 is in French so we had to adapt. In French we feel more naked than in English, that’s for sure, but we had a lot of time thanks to the confinement to enrich our texts. »

Suffice to say that the duo knows the adrenaline of concerts. For more than ten years, they have made dates, more than fifty a year because let’s not forget, Julie and Thomas live from their music, they are intermittent and know how to chain dates. Their family life is now built around it.

NIMES The duo Shamrock music shakes up its world and
At the mix, the duo is having a blast! (Photo Duo Shamrock).

In total self-production, the show is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. but the public is expected before to have a drink, have a bite to eat and get into the mood. The concert is free, the funds raised will go to a good cause. The goal is to practice, of course, but also to share this passion. In their album, the couple performs the song, ” Hell but out“, which deals with the thorny subject of the homeless. The money raised will therefore go to Restos du Coeur. ” People will be able to make a donation directly, but all of the profits from the refreshment bar and the sale of our CD will be directed towards the Restaurants. We also donate our wages for the evening. It’s good to write things about the homeless but you also have to help them. »

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Three very important events for the duo will follow after the Nîmes concert. Their presence at Boisseron Quarries Festival July 16. Then on August 6 in the first part of Cali at the festival the Salagou in song. ” It’s great for us, he lets us into his light for an hour right before his show. It’s a first for us and it echoes one of our songs, “Last Man”, which touched Alexandra, the organizer of the festival. ! The third event is “American Favs Day” on August 28, to raise funds for the French army’s war-wounded. Finally, the live stream containment have worked damn well. On their first, 5,000 connections. Incredible ! Over one year, the reach of the publications has exceeded one million views! ” It’s crazy for local musicians… We looked for it because we did 70 of them (including 24 in confinement, editor’s note) but still, we got caught up in the game, it reconnected us to people, pFor us, having no concert at all, it was therapeutic and Julie was the driving force behind it. Happy with the year they are experiencing, Julie and Thomas are ready to take a new step.

As the concert is free and open to access, it is best to connect to the page Facebook of the event and notify of your participation by checking the appropriate box. It is also possible to book by text message on 06 29 77 98 54.

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NÎMES The duo Shamrock music shakes up its world and moves the lines – Objectif Gard

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