Nicki Minaj refuses to be vaccinated … and contracts the Covid

Nicki Minaj did not make it to the Met Gala on Monday September 13. She refused to submit to the health protocol of the event, where all guests had to be vaccinated. Marshal Aurore/ABACA

The American rapper tested positive last week. On social networks, she proudly maintains her antivax position with aberrant arguments. A spread of false rumors denounced by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The Americans therefore also have their Francis Lalanne. Her name ? Nicki Minaj. The 38-year-old singer proudly displays her opposition to vaccination. Accustomed to Gale du Met, his absence this Monday, September 13 was very noticed. She refused to go to the New York celebrity event because the guests had to be vaccinated, an inconceivable health obligation for her. “They want you vaccinated for the Met. If I get vaccinated, it won’t be for the Met. That will be when I’ve done enough research. I’m working on it right now.” she explained.

queen of fake news

In her series of tweets, Nicki Minaj reveals that she tested positive a few days ago for a mild form of the disease. “I was preparing for the Video Music Awards [le 13 septembre, NDLR] then I shot a clip and guess who has the Covid? Do you know what it’s like not being able to kiss or hold your little baby for more than a week? A baby who is only used to his mother?“. Despite this inconvenience, his antivax stance remains unchanged. She relies in particular on the words of her friend, the rapper Drake. The latter argues that the vaccine does not prevent contamination and that he was infected after receiving a dose, without further details. Minaj provides strong arguments to denounce this virus. In fact, it evokes the “swollen testicles” of a friend of her cousin, an inflammation which, according to her, would be a side effect of the vaccination.

The reactions were not long in coming. Benevolent, like that of Dr. Raven Baxter, a molecular biologist, who offers to discuss the subject. The vaccine, not his cousin’s friend’s testicles… “If you want to speak with a scientist and fan about the vaccine, I would love to discuss it with you! Lots of love… And take care,” did she write to him. Outraged by the singer’s comments, the American journalist was more radical: “That’s enough internet for today”.

Nicki Minaj’s comments were denounced by the British government. Tuesday, September 14, Boris Johnson was to explain his anti-Covid plans to the press. The British Prime Minister found himself talking about rapper Nicki Minaj and her claims about the effect of the vaccine. Present at this conference, England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty immediately denounced the “myths” surrounding vaccination against Covid-19.

“There are a number of myths floating around, some of which are clearly ridiculous”he said at the press conference. “Some (…) clearly have the simple purpose of scaring people. He’s one of them.”

Asked about Nicki Minaj on Wednesday morning, British Health Minister Sajid Javid called on celebrities to be careful what they say. Speaking on Times Radio about the “people who spread misinformation”he threw at them: “Please don’t do this. You are really hurting people because vaccines save lives and by spreading lies you are doing the opposite.”

Nicki Minaj has nearly 23 million Twitter followers. Since the start of the health crisis, the social network had undertaken to stem the spread of false rumors around the vaccine. Not all apparently, since according to the company founded by Jack Dorsey, the singer’s tweets do not violate its rules.

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Nicki Minaj refuses to be vaccinated … and contracts the Covid

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