Nicki Minaj charged with HARASSMENT in attempted rape case involving her husband

Shocking revelations: the American media TMZ revealed on Friday that singer Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, were being prosecuted for harassment and intimidation. Nicki Minaj would have tried to silence a case of attempted rape which affects her husband, and this, by all possible means.

Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty are both being sued for harassment and intimidation, reveal our colleagues from the media TMZ. The complaint was filed by Jennifer Hough, a woman who filed a complaint against Kenneth Petty for attempted rape in 1995. The case ended with a court order ordering Kenneth Petty to register as a sex offender. . Something he would never have done since, according to information from the American media, he recently made a deal not to be recognized as such.

A case that Nicki Minaj would have liked to silence. And for good reason, according to information from the American media, Nicki Minaj and her husband would have tried, on several occasions, to intimidate the said victim in an attempt to hide this story. And according to documents collected by TMZ, Jennifer Hough claims that her harassment began after Kenneth Petty got into a relationship with Nicki Minaj, in late 2018. It would have ended in August 2020 after the victim was forced to move. She says she still lives today in fear of her detractors.

What happened?

A first attempt at intimidation: a financial offer and a trip to Los Angeles to silence the victim

It all started when Nicki Minaj got into a relationship with her current husband, Kenneth Petty, at the end of 2018. The singer then estimated, after learning about the case for attempted rape of which her husband was the subject, that the latter had been “wrongfully accused“. From there, Nicki Minaj has developed several schemes and would go so far as to harass the victim to try to get him to withdraw his complaint and his version of the facts.

March 2020 then marks the beginning of a long series of intimidation to silence Jennifer Hough, explains the American media. This is also the date Kenneth Petty is arrested for not registering as a sex offender. And in Nicki Minaj’s head it’s just one turn: Jennifer Hough confided to TMZ that the singer would have called her to offer her a trip to Los Angeles with all her family in exchange for the withdrawal of her complaint for rape against her husband. The famous rapper would have even added that she was ready to help him financially. Proposal that Jennifer Hough says she, of course, refused.

Proposal refused: Nicki Minaj goes further and goes to the victim’s home several times in order to make her change her mind

A refusal that Nicki Minaj had a lot of trouble accepting since from that moment, Jennifer Hough was the victim of incessant calls and visits from the star. “Harassing calls and unsolicited visits“, can we read through the columns of TMZ. Nicki Minaj would have even offered 500,000 dollars to the victim in exchange for a declaration in which Jennifer Hough would return to her complaint of 1995 against her husband.

Nicki Minaj sends her lawyers to the victim to dissuade her and scare her

And it does not stop there since according to the documents collected by TMZ, Nicki Minaj would have gone much further! The singer would even have sent her lawyers to the victim to try to encourage her to retract her version of the facts. Jennifer Hough tells our colleagues that she started to panic and feel in danger after being repeatedly harassed all the way to her home.

Victim moves and still lives in fear

In August 2020, Jennifer Hough was forced to move to flee her detractors after yet another offer of 20,000 dollars and multiple threats against her. Jennifer Hough confides in TMZ to live in fear, even today, more than a year after the facts. That’s why she decided to take legal action against the couple who intentionally inflicted emotional distress, harassment and intimidation on her in this case. Jennifer Hough has also not withdrawn her 1995 lawsuit and is still suing Kenneth Petty for attempted rape.

TMZ specifies that it contacted Nicki Minaj to obtain her version of the facts, but without success.

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Nicki Minaj charged with HARASSMENT in attempted rape case involving her husband

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