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September 30, 2022 6:02 pm
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sabaton announces a new trilogy based on World War I, ‘Echoes of the Great War’, disturbed premieres “Unstoppable” as a new preview of the album ‘Divisive’, Alt-J announces concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, Kaotiko publishes the video clip of “Plan B” and announces new dates for his tour, Rage Perez presents the new dates of its tour and premieres the video clip of “Nada será Igual”, Sake Mate confirms the next dates of his concerts, Aerial Blacked releases the single “Joker & Ace”, and thixkind is presented in partnership with the “Hate” video clip.

Sabaton announces a new trilogy based on World War I, ‘Echoes of the Great War’

who believed that sabaton had the last word on the World War I with albums like ‘The Great War’ Y ‘The War to End All Wars’or with the announcement of the animation film which will come next year, you were wrong.

The Swedish band has prepared the release of a EP trilogy that will continue telling stories related to “the great war” and that will arrive under the title of ‘Echoes of the Great War’. The first installment, focused on tactical, chemical, and weapons advancements, is ‘Weapons of the Modern Age’which has already seen the light, appearing as a single from this EP the song “Father”.

The second EP will be dedicated to the great heroes of this war, and will be titled ‘Heroes of the Great War’, while the closing of the trilogy will be ‘Stories From the Western Front’which will offer us the toughest face of the fighting during the great conflict on a global scale.

Par Sundströmbassist of the formation, has commented that this trilogy “It complements our two studio albums, ‘The Great War’ and ‘The War To End All Wars.’ hearts and minds of our fans”.

The vocalist, Joakim Brodenoffers his opinion on the first single: “It’s a dark subject about a very controversial person. Fritz Haber, the man who weaponized lethal gas, is responsible for some four billion people being alive today thanks to the Haber-Bosch process, for which he won a Nobel Prize. You have to think a lot to understand his story. Things are not always easy to understand or just black and white, but rather shades of grey. “Father” forces you to think a little more than the typical song you hear on the radio.”

Disturbed premieres “Unstoppable” as a new advance from the album ‘Divisive’

The next November 18th is the date chosen by disturbed for the release of what will be his eighth album, a divisive who shows us today a new single in anticipation of his arrival with “Unstoppable”.

Ten new songs will shape the eighth album of those of David Dramanwhich sheds some light on the release that can already be book at this link with these words: “Partisan tribal warfare has become part of our regular existence today. The whole idea of ​​the album is to be a wake-up call for everyone. Our society has become addicted to outrage. However, music is the best cure for what ails us. If only everyone would reach out and use it… There is no better environment to forget about all this shit than live music. We can be together and realize that we have more things in common than we think. Recognize what’s going on and let’s make a change for the better.”

This is the tracklist for ‘Divisive’:
1.Hey You
2. Bad Man
5. Love To Hate
6. Feeding The Fire
7. Don’t Tell Me (feat. Ann Wilson)
8. Take Back Your Life
9. Part Of Me
10. Won’t Back Down

The opening theme of the album “Hey You”was also the first preview and video clip, on which the guitarist Dan Donegan ensures that “We always have a great rock anthem on every album. We love to write ’empowering’ songs to get us going. We’re avid sports fans, and that’s definitely part of it. It’s a straight up song, that’s for sure”.

Alt-J announces concerts in Madrid and Barcelona

The days November 14 and 15 are already reserved for the visits they will make Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, and Thom GreenOr what is the same Alt-Jone of the most successful British indie rock bands today, to Barcelona Y Madrid.

‘The Dream’ is the title of their fourth album, the one they will present to us as they pass through the Sant Jordi Club and the Wizink Center. Tickets are at sale in this link.

November 14, Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona
November 15, Wizink Center, Madrid

Kaotiko publishes the video clip of “Plan B” and announces new tour dates

‘Unfiltered’ It was the album with which Kaotiko has turned the scene upside down in 2022, and both his songs and his presentation concerts continue to be the protagonists of today. This time we find the release of the video clip of “Plan B”the album’s opening track, released alongside the tour’s new concert dates ‘No filter 2022/2023’.

In the video clip we find a good sample of what can be experienced in the always hectic concerts of those from Agurainthat the next October 8th they’ll be giving another good shake of punk rock in Albatarrec (Lleida)before going through Valladolid, Burgosand already in the month of November visit Toledo on day 4 either Madrid on the 11thentering with these new appointments already in the months of January, February and March of next year.

Rabia Pérez presents the new dates of his tour and premieres the video clip of “Nada será Igual”

‘A new world’ is the album Rage Perez from which the theme is now extracted “Nothing will be the same” to be reflected in images with the video clip made by visual noise with the photograph of Rachel Garcia and the collaboration of the dancer Soul of the Riva. Along with this premiere, the dates that Rabia Pérez has on the horizon have been presented to continue showing his powerful and metal proposal.

October 1, Angels and Demons, Gijón
November 12, Underfest, Madrid
November 18, Filomatic, A Coruña
November 19, Transylvania, Vigo
March 4, 2023, Tequila, Madrid

Sake Mate confirms upcoming concert dates

PM, Snuff and Sake Mate form the poster of the first of the concerts that the Madrid metalheads Sake Mate They present us in an agenda that is already full of opportunities to enjoy their music throughout the country.

‘Sentenced to freedom’ is the title of his most recent creation to date, and we will be able to attend his download live in the following appointments:

October 8, Sala Baraká, Pinto (Madrid)
October 22, Krater Hall, Puertollano
November 4, Spectrum Hall, Murcia
November 19, Night Rock Discotheque, El Viso (Toledo)
November 26, Disco Pub Tonos, Madrid
January 28, 2023, Sala Vizzio, Alcorcón (Madrid)
March 18, 2023, La Hora Rock Hall, Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

Aerial Blacked Debut Single “Joker & Ace”

the recent album ‘Play it Loud!’ is the one that opens the doors for us to enjoy the new single published by the Catalans Aerial Blacked, “Joker & Ace”which is presented with a video clip in which images of his time at the Can Mercader Festival of this same year 2022.

Henry Menacho has been the director of this new material that anticipates the announcement of new dates for the presentation tour of the aforementioned album.

Thixkind is presented in society with the video clip of “Hate”

Experienced musicians with trajectories drawn in bands like Born in Exile in the case of the guitarist Ro Baez, Deldrac in the vocalist Eric Moyaeither Immune in the of Charles Doglianinext to the bass player Gon Lopezhave shaped a new band based in Barcelona, thixkindwhich launch the single and video clip of “hate” to appear strong on the scene.

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