New York / Paris flight: “You can never imagine dying in a crash” – a Bordeaux passenger says

April 08, 2022

The composure of the pilots of a Boeing coming from New York probably made it possible to avoid the worst during a landing in Paris. Bordeaux Hugo Laurentie was one of the passengers.

Leaving Monday evening shortly after 8:50 p.m. from John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy airport in New York, flight AF011 almost turned tragic on Tuesday morning near the landing strips of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The Boeing 777 had become uncontrollable by the pilots who were about to land it. As the machine deviates to the left, the worst seems to be feared as evidenced by the audio exchanges between the control tower and the pilots of the plane. “ Stop Stop “. “ I remember you “. These words released in panic did not bode well.

Screams on the plane

At the time we didn’t know what was going on and fortunately testifies Hugo Laurentie who arrived Thursday with part of his family in the Big Apple. The Bordeaux, future owner of the Bourbon, took advantage of these few days in the United States to find inspiration and ideas for his future establishment (which will open before the summer in Bordeaux) in addition to surveying the big city. He would never have thought of such a chaotic return. “ You never imagine dying in a plane crash says Hugo, who says he has a certain confidence in this means of transport.

He remembers : “ there was fog at the time of landing and then there was a kind of air pocket, a free fall and at that moment it screamed in the plane “.

Finally, the device starts moving again. ” We went around so, flight control problem, the plane did just about anything can be heard from the cockpit in the audio recording. ” We all wondered what happened confides the young Girondin who imagined that another plane had remained on the runway due to bad weather.

A milestone date

The captain moreover justifies this incident by this reason at the microphone. Finally, after this second, and first real landing, the crowd descends from the plane in a rather banal way. ” We left, good day sir, good day madam, as if nothing had happenednarrates Hugo Laurentie. I didn’t really learn until the next dayWednesday, the seriousness of the situation “. The young man also had to, Tuesday morning in stride, take another flight to go down to Bordeaux. ” If I had known, it would have been more stressful for sure “.

The Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) has announced that it has opened an investigation to determine the causes of the incident considered ” severe » by analyzing in particular the famous black boxes.

For its part, Air France communicates that ” the crew mastered the situation and landed normally after a second approach (…) The crews are trained and regularly made aware of these procedures which are used by all airlines to guarantee the safety of flights and passengers, which is a necessity absolute “. This coolness and this control of the Boeing have probably could have avoided a terrible tragedy. ” Congratulations to the pilotsinsists the 27-year-old entrepreneur. It will remain a milestone. They will say that I have a lucky star “.

[Jérôme Martin-Castéra – photo :  Hugo Laurentie, lors du départ du vol aller]

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New York / Paris flight: “You can never imagine dying in a crash” – a Bordeaux passenger says

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