New Amsterdam: Who is the new actor playing Ben Meyer in the medical drama

Although the fifth season of New Amsterdam will be the end of the medical drama, the producers continue to add new members to the cast, and one of the most recent has surprised viewers, because his character Ben Meyer is a language interpreter. of signs

TV medical drama NBC, amsterdam, isn’t afraid to shake things up with new members joining its cast in each of its various seasons. One of the new contestants in the fifth installment is Ben Meyer, played by actor conner marx. Meyer is one of the characters that has surprised the most in the series, due to the great job that he has to do with the actress. Sandra Mae Frank.

New Amsterdam: Actor Conner Marx plays Ben Meyer

The actor conner marx plays Ben Meyer, who in turn works with Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank), such as the interpreter in ASL (American Sign Languages). Recall that Elizabeth is a deaf surgeon and head of the oncology department at the Medical Center Hospital of New Amsterdam.

Due to Dr. Elizabeth Wilder’s promotion, she needed to communicate with all the hospital staff, but the issue of being deaf and dumb made things a bit complicated. Which is why Dr. Max (Ryan Eggold) suggested that she have an ASL interpreter, so everyone could understand her and learn sign language to deal with her on various topics.

In real life the actress Sandra Mae Frank if she is actually deaf, which is why she expressed her gratitude to the actor in an interview for the New York Post conner marx and to the personal interpreter behind the film set Chris Matthews, for the great work they have been doing, something that has become very accessible for her and to demonstrate her performance.

“There are two sides of the coin on set. I have an interpreter on set, Chris [Matthews], and without him I would be lost not only for myself, but for the hearing actors and the crew. My character, Dr. Wilder, reads lips, but I don’t. I have the script and the doctor has Ben too.”

New Amsterdam: Conner Marx and Sandra Mae Frank have a great connection

Interestingly, even though conner marx he’s an excellent actor, he’s not a real sign language interpreter, but he knew a thing or two about ASL before he came to amsterdam. “Most of the work is translating with Conner as she teaches him to sign,” adds Sandra. “Even though Conner doesn’t know ASL, he already knew how to use gestures before we started working together.” This was one of the reasons the producers also decided to cast the actor for the fifth season of the medical drama.

before starring amsterdam, conner marx He has also acted in series such as Z Nation, Criminal Minds, Shameless, NCIS, Black-ish, The Young and the Restless and Leverage. Although they were not very important roles, she has been giving him the opportunity to show her acting in each one of them and she continues to grow little by little.

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New Amsterdam: Who is the new actor playing Ben Meyer in the medical drama

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