Netflix: this film with Adam Sandler unleashes internet users on Twitter!

Subscribers to the Netflix video-on-demand service are over the moon. A film with Adam Sandler is a real success.

Adam Sandler is one of the most popular actors of our time. On Netflix, a brand new film with the famous actor also seems to be unanimous among moviegoers. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z about this feature film.

Netflix hits hard with a new movie

Among the most appreciated actors in Hollywood, we find Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Deppbut also the one and only Adam Sandler.

The 55-year-old actor has chained successful films. “Friends Forever”, “The Mytho”, “Uncut Gems”, “Blended”, “Love and Amnesia”, “Billy Madison”,… Sady and Sunny’s dad is as good at comedy as he is for more tragic roles .

Recently, he also confirmed his talents in a brand new Netflix achievement. A feature film available since June 8, 2022 which seems to be unanimous among moviegoers.

“When a dwindling basketball talent scout spots a promising player in Spain, he sets out to prove thatthey can both succeed in the NBA.

Here is the synopsis of “Hustle” (“The top of the basket” in French) put online by Allociné. A mouth-watering summary. Upset by this creation by Jeremiah Zagar and co-produced by LeBron James and Adam Sandler himself, so many fans reacted.

“As a basketball and NBA fan, I really liked it! It shows all the madness around prospects, and it’s filled with crazy cameos in the NBA but also in basketball in general! »exclaimed a user on social networks.

And he wasn’t the only one. Indeed, comments of the genre have multiplied since the arrival of the film on Netflix. MCE TV tells you more!

Adam Sandler at the height of his career

On Twitter, there are many messages about “Le Haut du Panier”. Some people just wanted to say it’s a movie ” cool “ Where “seriously nice”.

Others, for their part, gave more details. It’s madness, I loved itlaunched a subscriber to the service of Netflix video on demand.

Eh yes ! “Hustle” is even considered a “master call”. “Those who like sports films, I recommend The top of the basket on Netflix, on the meanders of recruiters, excellent and we see the preparation of NBA athletes. And Adam Sandler topissime, wrote a fan.

And another to add: “I don’t like basketball, but then the film on Netflix” the top of the basket “INCREDIBLE”. But also “This film is incredible for basketball fans, but also for novices. The cast is full of NBA starsThe story is well written and the characters are endearing. »

Or : “I just finished the film: the top of the basket, on Netflix, this movie is a classic to show to all young people who want to play basketball.

There is no need to say, Netflix has struck again very strong in unveiling a film that could probably win a prize at the next Oscar ceremony. To be continued…

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Netflix: this film with Adam Sandler unleashes internet users on Twitter!

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