NBA – Snoop Dogg swings and empties his bag on the Westbrook case!

Unrecognizable in the Purple and Gold jersey, Russell Westbrook would be for many the main culprit in his rout at the Lakers. But not for Snoop Dogg, who prefers to face up to his responsibilities with another member of the franchise!

Like many influential voice fans on social media, it’s mainly when things go wrong for his team that he gets his voice heard. Long-time supporter of the Lakers, Snoop Dogg indeed tends to raise his voice and drop big media outlets when the Angelinos struggle. The catastrophic season they have just delivered therefore lent itself perfectly to this.

Due to his fame and personality, the legendary American rapper is never afraid to take on franchise players, regardless of their pedigree. Lately, he has mostly made Anthony Davis his favorite victim, with several fiery tirades against the Unibrow. But in recent hours, it is of course the case of Russell Westbrook that he has looked into… with relative leniency.

Snoop Dogg defends Westbrook and blasts Frank Vogel

Knowing him, the Lakers Nation might have thought that Uncle Snoop was not going to give presents to Russell Westbrook, and that he would knock out the Brodie for his disastrous first season in Los Angeles. Instead, he sided with the star point guard on the set of the Full Send Podcastand put his galleys on the back… of Frank Vogel, who would not have been able to put him sufficiently at ease!

Russ is a killer, he will manage to bounce back from this. But remember, the coach was not on his side. He put him on the bench all the time and took him out all the time. That too destroys your mentality. When you’re that big, and you have this coach who says to you, “Sit down, wait”, when you enter the field, you’re necessarily less good because you’re more on the pace. Basketball is all about rhythm.

The coach and the player have to be on the same page to understand that using it affects the way they play, and when he puts it on the bench it affects the way they play because he can’t do that. what he usually does. There, Russ was rushing and trying to involve others instead of just playing his game. Russell has never been on the bench in his career, and now you’re putting him on the Lakers bench? Seriously man, it’s your fault.

Certainly, the rotations of Vogel vis-à-vis Westbrook have long been the subject of great debate in the NBA sphere. For some, the coach would have done better to remove him from the five major quickly in the season. However, he continued to show him confidence, since the 34.3 minutes of play he gave him on average are close to the number he posted… during his MVP season, in 2017 (34.6). Therefore, not sure that Snoop’s argument is valid.

For Snoop Dogg, shooting Russell Westbrook would lead nowhere, since it was, according to him, Frank Vogel who prevented him from running at full speed. The many detractors of the Brodie are unlikely to contradict it!

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NBA – Snoop Dogg swings and empties his bag on the Westbrook case!

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