NBA – Cash, Lil Wayne badly fails LeBron in the GOAT debate!

Usually, LeBron James comes back very quickly in the discussion around the best player in history. But according to Lil Wayne, it’s not even about him! It is another legend that the rapper thus opposes to Michael Jordan.

The GOAT debate is a subject that risks dividing until the end of time. Impossible for observant fans and even players to agree, as the question is thorny. However, two names come up most frequently in the discussion, namely those of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Each with a huge track record and a huge impact on the game, they have in any case a sacred record at their disposal.

However, this does not mean that all of them systematically place them in the first two places of a ranking in this category, far from it. Some time ago, Snoop Dogg surprised his world by snubbing His Airness. Conversely, Lil Wayne decided to leave out the Lakers winger during a recent interview. Asked to decide between Kobe Bryant and MJ, the rapper thus dropped the following statement:

Lil Wayne: “The GOAT is between Jordan and Kobe”

Lord, you gave me a migraine. I am a real sportsman but it is a difficult, difficult question. These days people think the tough question is between Jordan and LeBron, but NO. The difficult question is rather to choose between Jordan and Kobe.

This is clearly said by the lyricist. The King will appreciate the remark, he who finds himself totally ousted from the discussion…

It must be said that in terms of the prize list, the Mamba did not have much to envy to Bron. The former Laker had even won more championship titles than the No. 6, with five rings against four currently for the second best all-time scorer. About points scored, the Mamba is still in the Top 4 of the discipline with more than 32,000 units in the regular season. All only with Purples and Golds, please.

Between his accomplishments and his legendary work ethic, Vino has a huge following and many claim he’s part of the GOAT discussion. Shaquille o’Neal is one of them, that’s to say! On the other hand, it’s not necessarily surprising that Lil Wayne is leaving LBJ out. He is indeed a great friend of journalist Skip Bayless, reputed to be the biggest detractor of the Chosen One:

Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne at his 40th birthday party

According to Lil Wayne, it’s between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant that must be decided when approaching the GOAT debate. If Black Mamba fans will appreciate the mark of respect, those of LeBron James must probably be looking gray right now…

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NBA – Cash, Lil Wayne badly fails LeBron in the GOAT debate!

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